Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Working From Home And Surviving

 It was a really rainy day yesterday which wasn't very nice but I had so much work to catch up on, it made me feel a bit better about staying in most of the day. I haven't worked at all over the last couple of weeks and you can't work from home and just swan around all the time, so this week there is going to be a lot of catching up. All my income from my two work websites is from commission, so I'll have to find time to catch up over the next couple of weeks. I have worked at home for twenty years and apart from a few times when life has been really difficult with family or my own ill health, I work out a work plan for the day in two hour blocks and it  has all gone really well. Some days I work more than others and fit in around what I am doing that day but always try to work in my two hour blocks, and either work two, four or six hours in the day depending on what else is going on. I make enough money with Tom's wages to get along, and as we always look for ways to save money and aren't really interested in buying expensive items, have managed. I like being my own boss and there is only a few things I miss about going out to work. I am well aware I am rather vulnerable if I am ill but then again I don't have to worry about a company I work for not surviving in difficult times. Whether I sink or swim is really down to me and how I adapt my work over the years. I really enjoy that feeling of independence.

It is a way of life more and more people are having to adapt to. So many people are working from home I do wonder how many will manage as time goes on. I have a large family, which although I moan they distract me, I can't imagine what it would be like working from home all day with no one coming in, in the evening to share your day with. Even though eldest daughter is a police officer, her work is mainly office based now. The team she works on, have adapted to work phones and computers set up at home, online meetings and even court presentations online. Her kitchen is starting to resemble a police incident room! The trouble is sitting at a kitchen table on your own is hard after several months. If Scarlett is off nursery ill and wanting attention, an online meeting with a Detective Inspector and a magistrate takes on a whole new level of stress she hasn't had to deal with before! 

Eldest son and I talk about it all a lot and he often says to me "Human behaviour changes very quickly." He has the most wonderful business brain and I think he is right, there was an article on the news yesterday about the massive new warehouses being built to cope with the parcels waiting to be dispatched from all the online shopping we are now all doing. In a way it is very sad but in another way there are exciting new opportunities for people. I would say to anyone who is worrying about whether their job will survive or who are furloughed and don't know if they will have a job to go back to, to start their own business. There will be new ways forward I'm sure. If I was younger and not so close to our retirement plans (although they still involve another business!) as a dog lover I would start a really good dog boarding kennels. Everyone has gone puppy mad in the last year and many of these people are going to want foreign holidays in the coming years. They will soon discover how hard it is to find good kennels. I think there are lots of new ideas for businesses if you just look around at how life has changed and instead of feeling despair at how things are going maybe we should see it as a new challenge. Eldest son makes me smile, he has a motivational line for every occasion! This is one he often uses.

I'm still catching up with work today and hoping I will be a bit more on top of it all by the end of the day. Tom enjoyed being back at work yesterday though, he said it felt nice being back in the swing of it all, so I know working from home is definitely not for everyone. I'm desperate to get out in the garden to tidy up but I'm trying to be strong today. The snails have been causing havoc with all this wet weather. I managed to save a couple of little plants that I particularly want to make sure survive and have brought them into the kitchen window sill. One is a Tree Peony and the other is a little Silver Birch tree the only ones of them left that haven't been eaten by the snails. 

I only have a few dog walks planned to break up the day today but I hope everyone has a lovely day what ever you are doing. xx


  1. I took full retirement back last September..
    Though l officially retired 13yrs ago on
    turning sixty..I received a letter, saying
    l would receive a sum of £80:80p...per week..
    l phoned to remind them that l was only 60 and
    not 65..!
    Things had changed..taking into account of
    my contributions from the start and not from
    the age of 25..!
    So, l spoke to my then boss, about working
    semi retired..take me off the books, pay me
    10% and continue running my car, he kept
    nodding his head..Sorted! :).
    After all..he did'nt want to loose a top
    sales person, like myself..and as it all
    worked out, l've been better off the last
    twelve years, than all my working life...!

    And..For many years as a side line l also
    worked a consultant..business and personal!
    I never charged for this, always happy to
    receive a bottle or two or a case of decent
    red wine..! My advice has gone a very long
    way to make individuals an awful lot of money,
    especially those who wanted to invest their
    money in a business!
    Always made me happy to see people succeed,
    and, sometimes l~ve had to roll my sleeves up
    and do my bit..! :).

    And..Yes! If you don't take the risk, someone
    else will...
    Or you will become so used to talking yourself
    out of 'just going for it' that you start to
    forget why you ever even considered it at all...
    This is how Giving Up often happens – gradually,
    a repeated decision 'not to' until you stop trying
    to convince yourself you should...!

    HeHe! And..If no one ever took risks, Michaelangelo
    would have painted the Sistine 'FLOOR'...! :).
    🙏 🐾 😽 💞 🙏 🐾 😽 💞 🙏 🐾 😽 💞 🙏 🐾

  2. I read your post today with great interest. Everyone in our family is working from home! Hubby just started last week and so far is enjoying it. He's a very self-motivated, self-starter and so are our kids and I think it works well for that personality type. He's still managing his team of employees...from over 1500 miles away. It still amazes me that these things are possible. Oldest daughter is a nurse, working from home. She had the exact issue you talked about with your daughter and Scarlett yesterday. Piper was ill so I went and stayed at their house all day to help take care of her so Mandy could continue working. Middle son is a computer engineer who also manages a team, from home in Montana. Youngest son works from London and Japan, running his own business and a team of employees, from wherever he happens to be in the world!
    Life is indeed strange isn't it? Who would have imagined when we were childen that this would even be possible. I purchased almost everything I needed for our home online and it was delivered to our door. Much better than driving all over a town I'm not completely familiar with anymore.
    Thanks for a very thought provoking post.

  3. I would have liked to work at home but not possible being a carer. I'm just grateful for retirement.

  4. It sounds like you have a plan to make working at home go as well as possible. Working in 2 hour blocks sounds like a good way. My DIL works from home ( here) and I often see her out on the swing with her laptop working away.


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