Thursday, 10 June 2021

The Roses Are Blooming

 There is something about being away from home for a few days that makes you return refreshed and ready to deal with anything. I always return with new ideas, new plans and hopes. My Mum always used to laugh at me when I as a child, I would always be tidying my bedroom, organising my school books or out in the garden training our poor little poodle with a view to entering Crufts within an hour of returning home from holiday and I am no different now. I had written a list while I was in the caravan of things I needed to take back with us when we return. Items that I thought while we were there would just make life slightly easier if we had and I spent part of yesterday getting them together. 

Then there was the garden! I know I like a wild look but it has gone a bit mad in the last week so I spent part of the day cutting back and weeding. The roses are starting to come out now and the Albertine rose on the arch has flowered for the first time. It is a mass of tiny buds so if I keep dead heading I will be able to prolong the flowering as much as possible. It is not a repeat flowering rose, this early summer display is all we will get so I intend to make the most of it.

Another rose that has just bloomed is the one my eldest daughter bought me last year for my 60th birthday. It is a David Austin rose called This Sceptred Isle after the speech in Shakespeare's Richard III by John of Gaunt. As John of Gaunt is an ancestor of ours she thought it would be fitting. 

Another rose in the garden I love is this one called Hot Chocolate. It is another rose that seems to have a burst of colour in early summer and then finishes but it is worth it for how beautiful it is. 

So much of my hard work has been ruined by slugs and snails, it is rather disappointing. There are certain plants and seedlings I won't bother trying again but there are others that have done really well. I'm not going to be disappointed, it is what it is, I'll just concentrate on the successes. One thing that hasn't done very well at all this year seems to be our fruit trees. Last year we had a wonderful crop of cherries and plums but this year it is all much later and definitely not so much. I'm sure it is because of the bad weather we had in early spring and I feel for fruit farmers who I'm sure must be having the same problem.  

When I feel disheartened with plants that haven't done so well, I just need to look at all my little trees and I feel cheered up. Scarlett and I re potted so many of  them last week and she was thrilled that they have grown from acorns and berries we planted last autumn. We still have more to repot and label today and it will be a fun way to spend the afternoon. I hope everyone has a lovely day what ever you are doing. xx


  1. I know what you mean when you say you come back from a holiday feeling refreshed and ready for new projects. I used to feel that way when we'd be gone for some time. I could hardly wait until we got home.
    I'm sorry about the damage slugs and snails are doing to your garden. Something is munching on my tiny bean plants so I crushed eggshells and sprinkled them near the row. I hope it helps. Unless it's bugs doing the munching, then the egg shells won't be a deterrent.
    Hot Chocolate is a beautiful rose. My DIL has one growing right behind our house and I get to enjoy it.

  2. Wow, John of Gaunt an ancestor, I'm impressed and you've traced your family tree back to the 1300's. Your roses are lovely and I'm glad you had a good time away and back home feeling refreshed.


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