Saturday, 5 June 2021

Rain And Power Cuts

 What a day it was yesterday, it poured nearly all day. We couldn't polish the caravan as I had hoped but at least we were relieved to see it didn't leak after being stored under a cover for the winter. After the beautiful sunshine of the last few days it was very disappointing. On the way to my Dad's we drove past Epsom Racecourse, with limited numbers of people arriving to watch The Oaks. Today is The Derby, normally 100,000 people attend but because of coronavirus restrictions only 4,000 people are allowed to this year. I'm not complaining as it means it will be much easier for us negotiating the traffic today as we set off. I did feel sorry for the people arriving in the rain yesterday.

I had hoped to buy food to take with us today but our local shops had just had a power cut when I walked down there yesterday evening. You wouldn't believe the chaos it had caused. Alarms were going off everywhere and the staff were standing outside the shops looking bemused. None of the tills seemed to be working and if they were card payments weren't going through. How could a few minutes of loss of power caused such mayhem. The staff in the Co op were practically on a high security, red alert kind of stress level. One of the staff was walking up and down on his phone trying to call for assistance and the other young man was calling out to the queue outside the shop "You'll have to bear with us, we have just had a massive power cut." This whole drama was accompanied by the ear piercing ringing of the alarm. I abandoned my shopping trip and went home! I did wonder though what is the difference between a power cut and a massive power cut! It has now left me with an early morning trip to the shops now to add to other things I have to do. 

Tom and I are taking the caravan to the Kent countryside this morning to set it up ready for our trips away. I do get a bit nervous taking the caravan down those tiny country lanes but hopefully we will get there unscathed. I just wanted to share with you this newspaper cutting one of my friends in my old school friends group posted last night. The small group of us who have been friends for quite a while have been planning a bigger reunion later in the year to mark 50 years since we started secondary school. People are coming we haven't seen since we left school, it is exciting but rather nerve-racking too. What will all of us make of each other now. Only time will tell but I do hope the evening doesn't turn out like this! Have a lovely day everyone.xx


  1. Ha ha, that made me laugh! We had a bit of rain on Thursday, only a short shower, but back to lovely sunshine again yesterday, it's funny how the weather can be so different throughout the country. I've just been reading your last post about Scarborough, it's probably our nearest seaside town so it's the one we visit most often, we love it there and I think it's got something to offer everyone, though the beaches are usually a lot more crowded than they were when that lovely photo was taken. My childhood holidays were mostly spent in Skegness. It was years since I'd been back but we went for a day trip a few years ago. So much has changed but there's lots that hasn't. It still holds a special place in my heart because of the memories I have but you just can't get those times back again.

  2. Oh that made laugh so much I read it out to my hubby. As a former shop manager I can tell you that power cuts do cause chaos. No rain here yesterday in fact we had glorious sunshine. I hope it's fine for you today to set up your caravan.

  3. It rained here all day yesterday, not the heavy rain in your photo, but strong enough to keep us inside. I know what you mean with the country smaller lanes and a caravan, we had one in 90's, I was always worried once we got to the back roads. I never did drive the car with the caravan on tow.

  4. That made me laugh! There was no sign of rain for us yesterday, just day long sunshine and today will be the same.

    I hope you get your caravan moved without any mishaps.

  5. One step closer to getting away in your lovely caravan! Will we get to see pics of the interior and awning when set up?

  6. Oh my! That was truly hilarious and unexpected! :-) I'm sorry about the rain and the power cut. We are so dependent on modern conveniences. I hope it doesn't take something drastic to help us all figure out that it's not good. We've been having lots of issues here in the states with hacking. It does make one think about things.
    I would love to see your caravan all set up and ready to go. I was truly hoping for one more night to sleep in ours but it's not to be. The new owners are getting it on Wednesday morning and I fly in on Wed. afternoon. Sad times but life does go on.
    Blessings and hugs,

  7. I like that little tale and isn't it right! It seems we all have trouble seeing ourselves as we appear to others.
    Sorry about the rain and the bother of power outages. I hope all goes smoothly taking the caravan to the countryside.


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