Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mother's Day In Casualty

     The day started off so well. My family gave me lovely presents, I had a lie in and the sun was shining. I phoned my Mum to wish her a Happy Mother's Day and we arranged for us to pop in and see her later on in the day. Make sure it's after the Liverpool match she said we're looking forward to it. My Mum and Dad are both Liverpudlians and although we have lived down here for years they are Liverpool FC fanatics.
     We were going to Polsedon Lacey in Bookham to walk the dogs after lunch and then have some tea and cakes in the courtyard cafe there, before going to see my Mum. I have been looking forward all week to this day. Just before we had our lunch the phone rang and my poor Dad's shaky voice told us my Mum had fallen and the neighbours had taken her to hospital. A quick dash to Epsom District and there she was with a badly fractured wrist. I felt so sorry for her she looked so pale and frail sitting there. After hours sitting around whilst she was X-Rayed and seen by different people the outcome was she has to go back in on Wednesday and almost certainly have surgery as it is such a bad break. On the plus side all the staff couldn't believe she was 90 which I'm sure made her feel a bit better.
     As we got her back home I helped her out of her coat and into her armchair. "Did Liverpool win?" she asked. When I told her they had won 2-1 she replied "Oh well the day hasn't been too bad then!"
     Tonight I'm going to sit down with a glass (or two) of Baileys, admire my flowers and eat a few chocolates and be grateful we are all here to tell the tale. Polesden Lacey will be there another day and it all could have turned out so much worse. I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day with a little less drama than mine.

Friday, 4 March 2016

I Love The 1970s!

    That's it, Tom and I have finally given in and we spend late evenings watching old Tops of The Pops from the 1970s. We sing along, reminisce and wallow in nostalgia. We are so perfectly matched! Our family despair of us. Our younger son glancing at the telly the other evening commented "What is this rubbish!" as Elton John and Kiki Dee cavorted on screen in, what I thought at the time was a really cool pair of dungarees, singing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart". "No" I exclaimed "This was 1976, the year I left school, the hottest summer on record, long days out with friends and evenings in the pub (in days before ID was heard of). What more could we have asked for," "How about a decent No 1" replied youngest son leaving the room!

     I know I'm not alone. My eldest daughter's, best freind's Mum has a whole 1970's themed room in her house with a bar and juke box filled with 70s hit records. She has friends round and they dress in 70s clothes and drink (far too much) reliving their youth. I know this seems rather extreme but I quite envy them.  Even though my four children laugh at us I can see it creeping in with them. When they are all round at our house they sit and laugh about TV programmes, music and clothes from the 1990s. They tell me they have even joined facebook groups called I was a child of the 90s.
    My Mum who is 90 loves to tell us how she used to sing "When April Sings" by Deanna Durbin as she cycled through fields as a teenager. She said she would sing it at the top of her voice as there was no one around, I found it for her on You Tube and we all sang it again for days. It brought her so much pleasure.


     I suppose every generation thinks theirs was the best. For Tom and I it was the 1970s and 1980s but everyone seems to love the decades from their youth. So whether you are 90 or 20 there is a era and songs for you. I just hope everyone enjoys singing along as much as we do.

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