Friday, 1 November 2019

Beautiful Autumn Days

Thank you so much to everyone who left comments on my last post. They were all so thoughtful and kind, they really lifted me on what was a down day. Bud seems a bit brighter today and we are aiming for small targets at a time with him and intend to make each day as happy and comfortable as possible.
 I went out walking with Tess and Cassie yesterday and it was such a sunny day. The colours are so beautiful at this time of the year. We are so lucky to have so many mature trees around us and I never take them for granted. Our area is named after the beech trees around us so they must have been a feature for years. I collect old photos and they were regularly photographed 120 years ago.

 I think I'm lucky to live in a place named after trees. When I was walking my boots were crunching on all the beech nuts on the ground and I have thought I'm going to look into growing my own beech tree from one of these trees around me. I'm sure I can find a video on Youtube about it! One day if we move I can plant it and watch it grow and remember the lovely walks I have had around here.

 I hope everyone has a lovely day and gets to enjoy some autumn sunshine or spring sunshine if you are lucky enough to be enjoying that at the moment. xx
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