Saturday 24 February 2018

Sitting By My Window

I want to thank people so much for the kind comments left on my last post about my Mum. I still feel a bit too emotional to answer them all but they have meant so much to me. It is incredible to think of people, I have never met, all over the world who have thought of us and left such kind comments. I can't say how much it has helped.
   It was a beautiful sunny day last week, when we said goodbye to Mum, abnormally warm and sunny for a February day which was so fitting. All our family came together from all over the country and it was a lovely day, a true celebration of her life. As we drove away from the house behind the hearse with her wicker coffin covered in roses and spring flowers all I could hear was her little friend the robin singing it's heart out in the hedge. It was so comforting.
  Unfortunately this week I had to go straight into hospital and have the rest of my thyroid, lymph nodes and another parathyroid gland removed. It couldn't have come at a worse time but they had already put it off for two weeks for me so I just had to get on. As I sat in bed looking out over a part of London I don't know at all I felt miles from home and spent the whole week thinking of sitting looking out of my own window. Here I finally am, it is just a bit of a mundane view but to me today it looks like heaven on earth. The operation done, I know I have to get the results and deal with anything else but this stage is out of the way and I have willed this moment to come all week. It's freezing and for anyone outside I hope you are wrapped up warm but I will sit and recuperate for a while. I have a swollen neck, croaky voice and feel a bit weak but I don't really care, I am just happy to be home!

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