Thursday 5 January 2017

Always A Dog

I thought quite a lot after yesterday's post how much a family of animal lovers we are. Our youngest son said a while ago that he couldn't imagine life without all the animals we have had but he is sure it wouldn't have been nearly as happy without them. We always talk about our animals both now and from years ago. My Mum and Dad grew up with animals and talk about them still. Every dog, cat and pet rabbit is remembered with pleasure. When I was a child we took our dogs on holiday all the time and all I can remember is walking on the beach or up mountains with a dog. I was so happy.

1960s Holidays With Our Dog

    I wanted my children brought up in exactly the same way and they have been, with long walks with dogs and holidays with dogs on the beach. When we are all together we reminisce about them exactly the same as my Mum and Dad do. 

A few years later and another much loved dog.

   My eldest daughter was telling me she wants her baby to be brought up the same way. She said she will start as soon as the baby is born, going to the park with our dogs and long walks. No ipad for our young child she said firmly. I am sure what ever stage of your life you are at, dogs will bring you pleasure if you are a dog lover. My heart breaks when I see lonely old people on TV saying they can go for days without talking to anyone. Get a little dog, I think, all those people to talk to in the park and a reason to get up and go out every day. If you don't have that love of dogs you just don't but I am so glad I have.

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Just Too Much!

   Tom and I enjoy watching Midsomer Murders. Not as much as we used to do as it always seemed to be summer once and we loved looking at the pretty villages and cottages. I know it is very far fetched and if it was real life I think M15 would be crawling all over the area as so many dead bodies turn up but it is a short while of escapism. We noticed tonight there was a new programme on which is very unusual as let's face it they love to repeat it at least 20 times in a year! We settled down with a cup of tea at 8 o'clock. Tom commented there was a new sergeant. "Oh well they all merge into one after a while." I replied. Then I realised who else had been replaced. Only the best actor in the whole programme. The one who made it worth watching. Sykes the dog. Sergeants are one thing but Sykes, that is a step too far!

Sykes in Midsomer Murders.

The new replacement. I suppose I may grow to love him. The dog not the sergeant!

   My Mum is a bit better today so I am hoping may improve a little each day. Well I'm off now to put another couple of extra blankets on the bed as they say it's going to be a cold night tonight. The gritters have already been passed the house so they must be expecting something. Hope it is not too cold for everyone tonight. 

Tuesday 3 January 2017

The Day Started So Well

   The day started so well. Tom and I went to the farm to get food for the hens and ducks and I took some photos of the alpacas in the field. It was such a lovely day but very cold we stood watching them for a while. We talked about how when Tom retires we would love to move down a bit to the countryside in Kent or Sussex and have walks like this on our doorstep everyday. We came home cheerful and chatty only to be met with a phone call from my poor Dad saying my Mum wasn't well.
   My spending time in hospital bag was got ready (phone charger, banana, bottle of water) I am very well practiced at this. The G.P. came to see my Mum but she was adamant she didn't want to go into hospital again. The doctor decided to refer her for tests. As we left my Mum said "Now you look after yourselves." Typically thinking of others all the time.

I've looked at the photos again this evening but I can't quite recapture the pleasure from this morning. Every little noise I think is going to be the phone ringing. On the bright side the day is nearly over and all seems well. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be a bit better.

Sunday 1 January 2017

Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone. I hope 2017 brings health, happiness and nostalgic memories in the future to everyone. I walked down to the Co-op this afternoon looking forward to seeing what had replaced the Christmas display. I was hoping for some meal deals which would set us up with meals for all of January. What had replaced it? This. One of the young men who works in there asked me why I was photographing their shelves, Because no one will believe it I replied.

So I suppose it's the countdown to Easter then! 

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