Sunday, 27 June 2021

Welsh Roots and Curtain Planning

 When Tom got in from work yesterday we went straight to The British Heart Foundation shop and sadly they didn't have a single washing machine in stock. We were really surprised as we used to be spoilt for choice but one of the men who works there says they sell as soon as they come in now. I suppose it must be a sign of the times at the moment, everyone is looking for a bargain. There was a really lovely selection of fridges and freezers though, maybe as appliances they last longer. We went on to Emmaus and there was not a single one there either! Luckily though, a man who worked there showed us a Bosch machine in excellent condition at the back that had just arrived. It has to be checked by an electrician on Monday and then we can buy it. Our name has been put on it so at least if all goes well we will have a washing machine then. I don't know about other areas but we don't have a single Launderette left in this area. It's hand washing for me today!

After we left Emmaus we went to the garden centre to buy a hanging basket. I normally make up my own but this year my little plants I have grown from seed are very behind and there I don't think there is going to be much of a display, so with the money left over from the lights I bought with my Christmas gift voucher, I bought a really beautiful one. It is the largest hanging basket we have had for years and I'm really looking forward to it at it's best. "I may even paint the front door!" I told Tom. 

Another really exciting thing for Tom that happened yesterday was his Dad's birth certificate arrived. It meant I could fill in the first part of his family tree on Ancestry and all sorts of surprises have turned up already. His Dad was born in a place that despite my ongoing Welsh lessons I wouldn't even try to pronounce, called Mynyddislwyn  in Monmouthshire. His Grandmother was a widow, who's first husband was a soldier in The Monmouthshire Regiment killed on the Somme in the First World War. She had four children when she was widowed, three girls and one boy. Tom remembers visiting an Auntie when he was a child who was much older than his Dad but had no idea she was his half sister. He also knew his Dad had more sisters but had never met them. The surprise that  Tom had no idea at all about was his Dad had a half brother, 14 years older than his Dad. A sailor in the Second World War he was sadly killed in 1941 when HMS Bonaventure was sunk in enemy action. Tom has his same full names, so must have been named after him. His Grandmother was widowed again when Tom's Dad was a young child and she moved to Yorkshire to live near her eldest daughter, the one Tom remembers. It is so easy to see how family's can drift apart, particularly in times of war. We're looking forward to finding out more. 

Despite all Tom's enthusiastic support, Wales lost 4-0 last night and are sadly out of the Euros, so onward to look forward to the England match. A new curtain rail I ordered has arrived for the bedroom and today I'm really looking forward to sorting out some new curtains for in there. I have some old curtains that I may alter or I may just buy some material and make some. Decisions! I do love planning.

Little pigeon Todd is continuing to do quite well. I weighed him last night and he was 170g! He has put on 8g but also he is definitely more active and a bit brighter. He is practicing flapping his wings ready for what would be his fledging time. I think some safe flying lessons will have to be planned soon. Have a lovely Sunday everyone what ever you are doing. xx


  1. HeHe! I've lost the plot with this pigeon
    and me that's the size of a cow! :O).
    So..l've just Googled it..170g is about
    6ozs in proper weight!

    Great fun learning about ones past, l've
    never done it that seriously, word of mouth
    really! As grand parents and great grand
    parents have all lived into their 90's
    and 100's...And Sicily is full of ones
    history, it is very important to a family,
    as family is the most important thing there
    is..And Nona..(Grandmother)..The mainstay of
    an Italian family..!

    Wales played well last night..good game all
    round..Italy won, they will play the winners
    of to~days game between Belgium and Portugal..!
    Can't wait for that one..! :0).

    It's a rainy Sunday over here, don't need to go
    to Lidl to~day, seem to have a lot of food, roast
    pheasant for lunch to~day...nice big cock bird..!
    And, maybe a glass of vino calapso..or two..! :).
    ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ

  2. It's so exciting finding ancestors. I've just started looking into my family but on my mum's side its very complicated. Well done with the pigeon. We've had mixed success with birds we rescued.

  3. I'm glad you found a washing machine and hopeful with you that it works well and and checks out okay with the electrician.
    FInding ancestors is exciting. We've had an interesting time explaining ancestors to Piper over the past few years. I'm so glad that little Todd is doing well. He seems happy and content.

  4. I hope the washing machine passes it's tests with the electrician and you have found yourself a bargain. You've made good headway with your hubby's family tree and it is exciting to make these discoveries. Shame about Wales losing out in the football but I'm rooting for England to do well now. I'm glad little Todd is doing well he's so sweet.

  5. Good to know you may have found yourself a 'new' washer. I hope it checks out well.
    The hanging basket sounds lovely. I look forward to a picture of it.


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