Saturday, 26 June 2021

Buying Second Hand

 Thank you for all your comments yesterday about telling strangers they look good. The consensus of opinion was that Scarlett should carry on saying nice comments to people and you know what you are all right. I shouldn't worry, I doubt there would be one person who would not be thrilled to receive a nice compliment. Interestingly though it has caused much discussion in our house. Youngest son said although he would love to say compliments he would be too afraid to in case women or even men thought he was "hitting on them." Youngest daughter is 6ft 1inches and is so stylish and pretty she gets remarks every where she goes, she has even had TV companies giving her cards to try and get her to apply for different reality shows when she is out and about, although she says she can't think of anything worse than taking part in some sort of tacky reality TV show! She get's fed up with all the comments but she said when one man wound down his window and shouted "Nice Style!" it made such a nice change from what she usually gets it made her day. Imagine if everyone was as nice as all you people in blogland, wouldn't the world be a happy place!

I had one very annoying thing happen yesterday, our washing machine has completely packed up. It has been making a very loud noise while it was spinning for a few weeks which was rather worrying and then in the last few days has made such an awful screeching noise youngest son came down to say surely the neighbours will be complaining or even worse calling the police! Yesterday it completely died the death. We have a routine with washing machines we have stuck to for years. When we moved into our previous house in 1995 I wanted a really lovely washing machine as with four young children it was on so much. We bought a machine at the top of our price range, didn't think we would need any insurance and then two years later it packed up. Out of guarantee it was sadly going to cost a fortune to fix, I know it was on a couple of times a day but it wasn't a very good advert for the make. One of eldest son's friends said his parents were selling their washing machine as they had a new integral one put in as part of a new kitchen and we bought it for £40. That wonderful Zanussi washing machine lasted for 9 years without a single problem and was the best washing machine we ever had. 

After that we completely changed the way we bought them. We have had two second hand washing machines since then and I'm sure it has saved us a fortune. On the last two occasions, we have bought from the British Heart Foundation shop so  they are checked by an electrician and give revenue for a really good charity too. I always think it is good to buy second hand if possible as it saves the world's resources. So that is where we are off to this afternoon when Tom gets in from work. I hope they have a nice one in stock. 

It's a lovely morning here today, the sun is shining and it makes it so much easier to get all the jobs done that need doing nice and early. I'm going to plant all my little geraniums out in the front garden I got free a few weeks ago. They are still quite small but if I don't put them out soon we won't get any benefit from them at all this summer. I'll walk one of the dogs this morning as we have a busy day ahead! We have to get our shopping done quickly when Tom comes in as he wants to be back in plenty of time for the Wales match. I'm not quite sure Cassie is in the mood for a walk yet though, it's a hard life being a dog!

So Good Luck Wales or should I say Pob Lwc! Have a lovely day everyone I hope the sun is shining on you a bit where ever you are. xx


  1. Washing machine? Washing machine?
    What's a washing machine? HeHe!
    Horrid things..ruins cloths, o.k.
    for sheets, quilt covers l suppose..
    Never had one, and never will..the
    river Stour is just 100yds away from l use that..! No! No! I jest! :).
    But! I do all my washing by hand, even
    my daughter in her old school reports,
    comments of how well she was turned out!
    Even my old 60's wardrobe..the cloths not
    the wardrobe..are still in prime colourful
    condition..! And still fit..! Jeeeeese!
    "Willie Wine superstar..wears a long dress
    and he wears a bra"..! :O).

    HaHa! Which end of Cassie is that noise
    coming out of..? HeHe! Bless!x

    Good luck to Wales, and Forza Italia to~night..
    I've had my Italian shirt on for two days,
    flag up the flag pole, and on the car, so
    ALL geared up for an Italian win..! :O).
    ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽

  2. Inappropriate comments from adults are not nice but children can say the nicest things. Oh dear Cassie does snore loudly, I'd be giving her a nudge to wake her up :) I hope you find a replacement washing machine at a good price, good luck.

  3. I never thought about buying a second hand washer as we run ours until they are dead, dead, dead. I remember our first washer. I washed diapers three times per load. rinse first, regular wash cycle, then rinse again. Two babies plus all of our regular clothes. That poor washing machine was on all of the time! Dennis had to put silicone on the tub several times because of leaks but that washer kept right on running. When we sold the house we had to leave it behind and I've never had a washer as good as that one again.
    Sweet little Cassie. She is definitely enjoying her nap!

  4. I have had second hand machines for years. I bought them from a lovely local man who recondition them. He fits them and any problem comes and sorts it. Sadly he has moved away and the bhf shop has closed so hoping the one I've got keeps going.

  5. I hope you find a washing machine that you like. It's such an important appliance, isn't it? I have words with ours every Monday. I guess I shouldn't complain because middle son paid for it and when he asked what features I was looking for I said to make sure it had an agitator. Our old one didn't and clothes never got properly clean. So this one gets clothes nice and clean but seems to decide what temperature you need. If I press HOT I may get COLD. One never knows. I don't have to do as many loads as I used to obviously but middle son does his family's laundry and that means many loads. He never sticks around to check whether he's getting the temperature he selected or not.
    Sorry. This has turned into a very long comment. :)

  6. Good luck with the washing machine hunt. I hope you find the perfect one for you.


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