Friday, 4 June 2021

I Love Scarborough!

 An old school friend of mine, who is in our WhatsApp group went to Scarborough yesterday for work. He used to be a top end chauffer but sadly his business hasn't survived the pandemic and as he has had to take a job as a delivery driver for him and his family to survive. He never moans and looks on the bright side of every day telling us all the places around the country he is visiting he has never been to before and posting photos of where he is today. He is a Londoner through and through, a pie and mash, jellied eels sort of guy, who is a bit suspicious of anywhere up North! I think yesterday was an eye opener for him "It's not half bad here!" he said, in fact he was full of it all day. I was so envious.

I absolutely used to love Scarborough! I'm almost too scared to go back as in my mind, I have such wonderful memories of being there, it has become a sort of paradise. There is a list of the 10 most Heavenly places on earth, well I think Scarborough should be added! So many of our childhood holidays were spent there. We would take our caravan and all I can remember is fun and sea and sand. Often when we lived up there we would just go for the day and I can quite clearly remember the main reason I loved it. The donkeys! I decided when this photo was taken, at three years old I want a donkey and all my life I have said I would get one.

I'm sure the beaches are much more crowded now than those wonderful days when we would picnic on them, I am so lucky to have these happy memories.

I can't tell you how ridiculously pleased I was yesterday that my friend liked Scarborough. I would have been so sad if he had been bad mouthing it and saying it was a dump. We won't be able to go this year but it's somewhere definitely on my top ten list of places to go. 

It's raining at the moment but I think it's just a small hiccup in what is set to be a nice spell. We are going to see my Dad today and do a few last minute checks on the caravan. I have a busy day ahead so better get on. I hope everyone has a lovely day what ever your plans. xx


  1. No! Never been to Scarborough!
    Though an old repeat on Flog It
    recently was held in Scarborough..
    Have'nt really been to many places
    in the UK really..So, l love to watch
    Flog It or Great British Train Journeys,
    to get an idea of the different places
    around the UK..Always wanted to go to
    Scotland, but never made it, never
    crossed the M4 until l was 26 and just
    married, as the then in~laws lived up
    the midlands!

    And, yes, l must confess, l'm a bit wary
    about the 'North' of any country..coming
    from Sicily and now living in Dorset, l
    would'nt move for the earth..and..l've
    certainly been offered it..! Especially
    during my working life, l'm certainly
    'not' motivated by money!

    Must get on..and finish off the privet..
    Sun's trying to brake through, it's dry
    at least..! :O)
    WhatsApp...? The Sky..! :).
    🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴 🐴

  2. I love Scarborough too! It's about a 2hr drive for us, as we live in the East Midlands, so whenever we go to Whitby we usually go to Scarborough as well. We used to take our 3 grown up kids when they were small and they're now in their 30's and are repeating the cycle with their own children. Last time were were there we found a little cafe in the side of the grassy and rocky hilltops, at the Spa end, which we'd never discovered before. It was lovely having a cuppa, just looking out to sea. I can confirm that the donkeys are still there too!

  3. Your friend's job sounds interesting. Nostalgia is a wonderful way of zoning out for me right now and your post took my mind back many years. Living on a island I can enjoy the ocean all the time these days but I love going to other places that have beautiful sandy beaches which we lack here. I must say though that I also have memories of when my children were younger and we lived in the city. We all looked forward to long weekends, packing up the car with beach gear and heading out for the "Jersey Shore"...along with a lot of other families with the same idea. Traffic, crowds, was all worth it when we finally arrived and got settled in to a spot on the beach.💖

  4. What beautiful photos and lovely memories. I have never been to Scarborough. Our day out was always Southend.

  5. It sounds like a lovely place and your photos prove it! A paradise for children. I hope you are able to visit soon and love it just as much as you did years ago. It's also good that your friend liked it. Anyplace with an ocean and a beach is delightful to me. (Unless that beach has snow on it! Then it's a no-no!).

  6. That's a lovely photo and you have nice memories. Of course you would want to have your own donkey, you'd need to have at least two though as they don't like being alone :) My two cousins used to work with the beach donkeys but not in Scarborough though but here in north Wales. I used to watch the donkeys being taken along the road down to the beach and I'd feel sorry for them having to work all day in the heat but that's just me.

  7. Oh nostalgia! We used to go to Scarborough at the end of August during the early sixties - hiring a caravan on Dennis' caravan site. Rain and mud abounded. But the seawater swimming pool and the naval battles in Happy Valley Park...
    Oh and the waffles with cream and jam! Don't forget the waffles!
    Thank you so much for the reminder.

  8. Don't go school holidays or bank holidays and it's wonderful.

  9. You have such delightful memories of those past visits to the beach in Scarborough. I wish you could have your donkey ( or 2 so they are not lonely) but I doubt your garden would be big enough for them.

  10. Just had to add we had sven or eight concecutive years from 1981 onwards in Scarborough. Our daughters grew up going to Scarborough for their hols - our holiday snaps of them are taken in the same places in Scarborough each year but each year they are a few inches taller! There was always 'the list' of places - The Tree Walk, the little train to Scalby mills where they bounced on the castle and 'flew' in the aeroplane roundabout, we did both North and South beaches and spent 50p each on the penny pusher in the arcades then headed off to the little children's bookshop down one of the alleyways in town. Oh the memories we have. I am so pleased to hear you love Scarborough too.


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