Thursday, 17 June 2021

Allotment Thoughts And Camping Supplies

 It was such a hot day yesterday, Tom and I tried to get the jobs we needed to get done out of the way early in the morning. We went to Lidl  to get food for us at the caravan and for youngest son and daughter for the next few days. We have to remember every animal and bird too as they all have to be fed and watered when we are away. The next job we had to do was locate another gas cylinder for the caravan as our one must be about to run out. It has been really hard, every place we go is out of stock, we were starting to get a bit worried, especially as I saw an item on the news a few weeks ago about camping and leisure items being really low in stock. It is a mixture of a couple of things apparently, problems with importing items due to Brexit and high demand because of everyone holidaying at home this year. In the end we located a bottle at the local garden centre but even then there was doubt if they had any of our size in stock. If any of you are planning  camping or caravanning holidays this summer when the children are off school I would really recommend not to leave items you need to buy until the last moment. Still in the end it was all sorted and we are packed and ready to go back to the caravan for a few days. It looks like it may be going to rain but we don't care we will still enjoy ourselves.

In the end I decided  it was far too hot yesterday afternoon to be out gardening. I will sort it out next week when I have more time. The roses have all come out everywhere and they are looking so beautiful, that is the only thing that makes me feel a bit sad about going to the caravan, I will be missing some of the beautiful flowers at their best. 

I'm particularly pleased with this rambling rose Cecile Bruner I have grown from a cutting from a rose my eldest daughter gave me several years ago. She often gives me flowers as presents and they are all really precious to me, so I'm ever so pleased this cutting has taken so well. I only took the cutting two years ago and it is a mass of buds this year. 

My little trees are continuing to grow. I am even considering applying for an allotment again so I would have more space for them to get established in pots before I decide how I will continue with growing them. We used to have an allotment which we loved but stupidly let it go when I was ill. Faced with more operations and treatment at the Royal Marsden I just felt overwhelmed with everything at the time and it seemed like one more problem so we handed it back but of course now I feel fighting fit again I regret it. The only thing that stops me taking one on is the thought of clearing another overgrown plot again, I'm not quite sure if I could face it. I'll have to have a think. 

When Scarlett and I were re potting more little trees last week I was sweeping up the compost and noticed one little acorn had dropped on to the floor. It hadn't actually grown yet but the acorn had split open and there was a little root growing. I put it in a pot and labelled it and yesterday I noticed it has grown about an inch. When I was telling youngest son he said wouldn't it be wonderful if you could take a photo of that tree everyday for years and put them together in a video to watch how it grows. I know I won't remember everyday but I'm going to try to each week and see how it grows. 

Sadly after youngest daughter got all ready to try and film the bats yesterday evening it poured and poured and there was not a bat in sight. Obviously bats don't like the rain. She is ready though so hopefully if we have another nice evening she may be able to catch them. We're all ready to go back to the caravan this morning. We have a portable TV with us this time so Tom can watch England play tomorrow night. (Didn't Wales do well!) I have doubts we will be able to get any reception but if all else fails I suppose he could go and sit next to the toilets and watch it on his phone! Have a lovely day everyone what ever you are doing. Back soon. xx
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