Thursday, 3 June 2021

A Bird Of Prey

 Although it was lovely and warm yesterday, it wasn't as sunny as the day before. I spent a lot of the afternoon, replanting seedlings and the free plug plants that were delivered a while ago. I mentioned that I had been sent an offer for twenty free Geranium plug plants, I only had to pay postage. Well they arrived and they were so tiny I'm not sure if they will ever grow enough this year to flower. I have re potted them all so only time will tell. I also potted a tiny little azalea that has grown from a seed I collected from my Dad's beautiful orange azalea last year. I really want this to survive so will be giving it extra special care.

When I was out in the garden I was talking to my next door neighbour. Strangely after writing yesterday about wildlife declining, he was telling me a bird of prey landed in his garden a few days earlier. I had seen a bird hovering in the air a few weeks ago and it crossed my mind it looked like a bird of prey but I dismissed it as not possible. He wasn't sure what it was and hadn't been able to get a photo but from his description we decided it may have been a sparrow hawk. Although I'm a bit worried for our small birds, it is something quite exciting to look out for. This beautiful photo of a Sparrow Hawk with it's prey was taken by Pierre Dalous and shared on Wikipedia.

Tom finished his shift yesterday and is now off for 17 days. He is so excited to not be going out every morning and crawling through traffic all day. Although we will be driving backwards and forwards to the caravan quite a bit at least we can mostly choose the times we travel to avoid the traffic. I have a feeling it may be quite busy everywhere but if needs be we'll just sit by the caravan and admire the view! Scarlett is coming this morning and we will be out and about in this lovely sunshine. I hope everyone has a really nice day what ever you are doing. xx


  1. Birds of prey are so majestic are'nt
    they, beautiful birds, and yes they
    are predators..and very vicious in
    killing their prey..!
    I'm afraid l don't watch an awful lot
    of that..Yesterday on Springwatch they
    showed a rat tearing into a birds nest,
    killing and taking the young one by one,
    no need for it..I have e~mailed the BBC,
    and voiced my opinion..needless to say..l
    watched something else..! :(.

    Well..must get on, been down town for five
    hours, gossiping and preforming..a superstars
    work is never done..HeHe! Bless! :O).
    🌱 🌽 🌿 πŸ… πŸ† πŸ‡ 🍈 πŸ‰ 🌱 🌽 🌿 πŸ… πŸ†

    1. I know what you mean Willie, I love wildlife programmes and know it's nature but I don't want to see every detail it can upset me for the day :( I can just imagine you in town!

  2. I'm so glad Tom is on his holiday and can now rest and relax. The days always go so fast so I hope he enjoys each one and is now feeling better too.
    I do not enjoy watching birds of prey at "work" but they are majestic soaring through the sky, rarely even flapping their wings.

    1. Thank you Betsy, we intend to try and enjoy every day and you are right holidays just whizz by. It is strange as I thought I saw a bird hovering in the sky but though it couldn't be a bird of prey in London! I hope I see it again.

  3. Tom is having a good break from his work and I hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing time.

    1. Thank you Eileen. We intend to enjoy it as much as we can, it has felt like a long time coming!

  4. How lovely to have a bird of prey in the garden (although, like you, not so keen on what they do - but then they are animals and have to survive just like any other!). We have lots of buzzards here, did have a pair of sparrowhawks until a couple of years ago. Enjoy your time on the caravan....Tom will love having the time off.

    1. It did seem quite exciting although I do worry about the smaller birds. Thank you Sooze we are so looking forward to it!

  5. The Sparrow hawk with its beady yellow eyes is so impressive!
    How lovely for Tom ( and yourself) to have 17 days off. I'm sure you have interesting plans.

    1. I am keeping a very close eye out for it now although I will be worried about the small birds in our garden. It does seem exciting but I know it will go quickly.


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