Monday, 28 June 2021

What Are We Allowed To Do?

 Tom had an early start yesterday and said the roads were really busy. Sutton was apparently packed with people, no one is social distancing at all anymore. Inside shops I suppose people are encouraged to do so, at least whilst queuing, but apart from wearing masks it seems to be drifting back to normal despite the coronavirus figures going up. I think everyone is just weary of it all now and to be frank I can't remember exactly what the rules are anymore. It is obviously different if there is "an experiment" going on but how many people are allowed inside shops, what distance are we meant to be at and what rule of what ever are we following now. Rule of 6, rule of 10 or rule of 20,000 in a "controlled situation"  I have no idea!  The only rule we all know for sure at the moment in the "social distancing guidelines" is you're not allowed to snog your work colleagues! You can really see how people got "war weary", the poor soldiers in the First World War were still sitting in trenches while everyone at home had lost that patriotic, song singing feeling months before. It must be how NHS staff feel, still slogging on and everyone has lost interest. No clapping for carers, rainbow flags and free meals just people moaning about red, amber and green list countries for holidays. You can really see how it happens. When this is all over we say to each other. I don't think it is going to be all over one day as we imagined, it's going to fizzle out until we gradually forget all about it and the bits still left we just live with without really thinking. It's not really that depressing, just life with the good bits and bad bits.

One event that is back today, in I suppose a "covid secure" way is the tennis at Wimbledon. I don't follow Wimbledon quite as much as I did when I was young but it's still a lovely summer event that I am always pleased to see arrive. I loved Wimbledon when I was a teenager, but the best year I ever remember was 1976. I had finished my 'O' levels in June and was off for the whole of the summer. The longest, hottest summer on record, it was perfect. My friends and I decided we would go to Wimbledon, it was so easy in those days. It was the second week of the tournament and Bjorn Borg and Guillermo Villas were playing on No 1 court, as a 15 year old I thought they were two of the most handsome men in the world! My friends and I got the train to Wimbledon and then the bus and queued outside from about 8am. "Would you like Centre court or No 1 court?" the woman in the kiosk asked us. Can you imagine that today, people camp out all week for the chance of a ticket. Most of the tickets are already allocated to corporate events, no chance for a happy bunch of 15 year olds to enjoy the day anymore. 

We chose No 1 court as that is where Borg and Villas were playing and got seats quite near the front, and apart from a rather annoying pole in the way, had a really good view. No 1 court was small in those days before being totally rebuilt and a roof added. You felt as if you were part of the game it was so exciting. Borg won in straight sets I remember, he didn't drop a set the whole tournament and went on to win the Championship for the first of his five consecutive times. We felt we had been part of it, and that wonderful day is one that is so firmly etched in my memory that even though the sun never seems to shine on Wimbledon as it did in 1976 or even in all those years of my teenage memories, and it is a totally different sort of competition for spectators now, I always look on it fondly. Here are a couple of the photos I took of the game that day.

In present day Wimbledon style the weather is dreadful. It poured and poured overnight and is still raining lightly this morning. Tom is off for the next few days after today and we are planning to go back to our favourite caravan site. The lovely Carol on the BBC says the weather is going to be "a tad unsettled" I have a feeling that may be an understatement but we will still go. It's whether we go when Tom finishes work today or tomorrow morning, we have to decide when we see the forecast. I'm off to do my Dad's shopping today and a roofer who we know locally is going over to look at his roof as it needs some tiles replacing. It's not really the weather for working up on a roof though. Oh well we'll have to see how it turns out. Have a lovely day everyone what ever your plans and what ever your weather. I'll be back tomorrow or soon depending on the weather! xx


  1. HeHe! After reading your first paragraph
    Jane..l had to go and lie down..I thought?
    Should have l gotten up this morning! :).
    Oh! Well! As they say.."Rules were made to
    be broken".

    And..Wimbledon starts to~day, they covered
    centre court this morning..Rain..! :(.
    I used to follow tennis, my all time hero
    was Bjorn Borg..recent years..Roger Federer!
    I used to play to, represented Dorset in a
    major tournament once, and in the knockout
    stages of Wimbledon..I was knocked out in
    the first round..6~3 6~2..! :(

    And..the lovely Carol..the lovely Carol...
    Oh! My! I need another lie down..Now! she
    is lovely..l have conversed with her via
    e~mail three times..!
    I see she's just entered into a serious
    relationship..NO! Not me! I wish! :O).
    🎾 🎾 🎾 🎾 🎾 🎾 🎾 🎾 🎾

  2. I too was at Wimbledon in 1976. My friend and I had bought tickets from someone unable to go and they were for the first and last days on Centre Court. The seats were up in the rafters at the very back and it was like a sauna - so hot. In the changeovers we'd come down for air and watch a few games on the outside courts, then back to our seats. The final was the first of his five that Bjorn Borg won. We had to dash for our train back to Northampton as I was going to a Silver Wedding party at night. Lovely memories.

  3. Wimbledon 1976 sounds to have been a wonderful experience. It brings home how chasing the money by packing people in and making so much of it 'corporate' has spoilt everything. Like when you use to be able to go to Stonehenge and walk round and touch the stones instead of having to go through a visitor centre and then taken in a bus to look at them from behind a fence.

  4. I've never been to Wimbledon but I used to love watching Bjorn Borg play. How things change. Re Covid rules: I have completely lost the plot too and as for Matt Hancock....words fail me....

    Enjoy your caravan break rain or no rain :)

  5. I love watching too and remember 1980 my first year without work as I'd just had eldest daughter, I was excited to be able to watch more but turned on the TV and it was raining - no roof so no play! a let down.
    Now with two covered courts should see play all day whatever

  6. I watched my first tennis match on TV just before our move. Yes, really. I never really understood the whole game, set, match thing before and although I still don't, I enjoyed watching. It must have been so exciting to be at Wimbledon when you were young. It's a shame how now it's all about the money.
    I'm glad you get to go back to your caravan. Rainy days are wonderful inside, hearing the pitter-pat of rain drops on the roof. I miss that.
    Take care my friend.

  7. To answer your question about what are we allowed to do now, I expect a lot of people will do whatever they please as Matt Hancock is obviously not afraid of catching the virus and following his own rules. How exciting to have been at Wimbledon. My daughter had a massive crush on Goran Ivanisevic and that would have been throughout the 1990's, sadly we've only watched Wimbledon on the TV though.

  8. I have always loved Wimbledon. I don't know where we can watch it now that we stream everything. Hmmmm
    Have a great day
    Blessings and HUGS,


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