Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Relaxing Off Grid And Bats

We arrived back from the caravan yesterday afternoon for a couple of days. We felt rested, tanned and ready for anything! Our enthusiasm was slightly  dampened when we arrived home to discover the foxes had ripped the lid right off our food waste bin and rubbish was strewn every where. Youngest son and daughter hadn't had time to clear it up before they left for work (or so they said!) so I had to start sweeping the path as soon as I returned. When I got inside the house though my spirits were soon lifted by a wonderful chatty letter from my lovely cousin waiting for me. What is it about letters that are so special now? Reading her chatty letter with all her news felt so exciting. Technology has taken over our lives and although there is a lot of good in technology, I have definitely realised this past week there is a lot not so good. We had virtually no internet access at the caravan. I managed to post a few photos on Instagram but just had to post them and leave my phone and they could take hours uploading. A lot of the time we had no mobile signal either, I started by feeling a bit anxious about it but then kept reminding myself that before all this technology most of us were completely uncontactable on holiday. As an older teenager, at home with my sister when my Mum and Dad started to take some holidays on their own, we heard nothing from them for two weeks, the only contact we had was a postcard that usually arrived on the day they arrived home! We survived fine so how have we become so obsessed with keeping in contact all the time. 

The day before we left yesterday we went for another long walk with the dogs to Bewl Water. We went really early just after nine as it was so warm and walked all morning. When we arrived back at the caravan and I was getting lunch ready, the dogs were all so relaxed and tired, it made me realise that everyday life takes it toll on animals too. They have loved this caravan life.

After lunch I settled my self down on the sun lounger with my book for a guilt free afternoon doing nothing! There is something about that just sitting, on holiday that I could never do at home, there always seems to be so much to catch up with. A new couple in a very smart campervan arrived at the site and Tom turned his chair round so he could watch all the shenanagans! They spent a long time setting up all their electronic devices and a satellite dish but then realised they couldn't get any internet access. The owners of the site were summoned and after much discussion the van was all packed up again and the owners of another campervan who were parked closer to the house kindly swapped with them. Apparently if you are close to the owners house you can get get access to the internet. Tom gave me a running commentary of the entire proceedings, while I lay on the sun lounger reading and feigning interest. By the time they had set up again they were practically in the toilet block but they seemed happy and they both spent the rest of the afternoon sitting looking at their mobile phones. When I walked over to the toilet that evening, they were in the middle of loudly face timing someone and showing them round their campervan. They were so jolly and friendly stopping their phone conversation to chat to me, with their large glasses of red wine, I couldn't help but warm to them, but it did seem a bit of a shame they weren't really enjoying their beautiful surroundings more.

There is a lot of good on the internet, but I can't help but think life was simpler and less stressful without it, or was it because I was younger then so of course life was less stressful. Tom and I have talked a lot about simplifying our life and our plans for the future, but I also am not going to fall into the trap of not enjoying today. Even on the busiest of days there always seems to be something to enjoy. Youngest daughter couldn't wait to tell me, that over the last few evenings, she has seen bats flying around some large trees near our garden. she said as she was looking out, with her window open around nine o'clock she spotted them. Her old school, just down the road is a listed old building and they often had bats flying around if we went to events on summer evenings so I suppose it is not to far for them to travel. We can't wait to try and film them. 

I have just about forgiven the foxes for all the mayhem they caused. Youngest son is convinced it was not our pair, as they would be too discerning after the wonderful diet they normally get to raid mouldy old food waste bins. I'm having a garden day today, youngest daughter has been religiously watering it while we have been away and left unchecked everything has got really wild, so I better have a bit of a tidy up. That's before I even start on the house! Sigh, I miss my sun lounger! Have a lovely day everyone, what ever you are doing. xx


  1. Looks as though someone was enjoying the
    sun lounger..just see it's little 'pink'
    harness..! :0.

    So, a bit of movement and excitement and
    movement for you to enjoy..and with Tom's
    commentary, must have sounded interesting,
    any sound effects..! :).

    Best get on..I was invited to a ladies coffee
    morning last Wednesday, couple doors up, so
    to~day it's my turn to entertain them, (For
    a slight fee)..HeHe! Well, when we girls get
    together..So, hopefully, there will be a lot
    of peoples ears burning..! I've told then to
    smarten up a bit and have a bath..! AND! Don't
    be late..! :O).

  2. I can just imagine you at your coffee morning Willie! I bet all the ladies are really looking forward to it. Have a lovely time.

  3. Well, they say it's a dogs life and it certainly looks like it! It sounds like you've had a wonderful time at the caravan, I love that feeling when you're away from home when you can just do as you please, you get up on a morning and the whole day is stretching in front of you and can be filled up doing whatever you like. I enjoy having a break from technology when I'm on holiday too.

  4. Jane, I am so with you on enjoying leaving technology behind. It certainly has its place but I find it stressful being contactable all the time, not just when I want it! It sounds as though you had a fabulous break and came home refreshed.
    Re the bats, I love them! We had them near our last home in the country but, of course, not here in town. I would love to see yours if you get the chance to film them 🙂

  5. Hi Jane, we all need to switch off sometimes, glad you enjoyed your break. xx

  6. Sounds wonderful, just settling down and reading ALL afternoon without feeling guilty. I always feel guilty . . . so many things I could be doing! I think it's a shame those people HAD to be surrounded by technology, just like at home . . .

    We shared our last home with bats, and have been surprised to see not ONE around our new home, despite there being old buildings which surely they would have colonised (not ours, fortunately!) A friend has a Bat Detector so can tell which bats are hunting under the oak trees in her horses' fields. Have fun taking photos of "yours".

  7. The pace of life definitely slowed down for me during lockdown and it's something I want to take forward as we return to 'normal'. It's easier said than done as social contact resumes but I'm feeling optimistic that I can achieve this.

    I hope you manage to capture some video or photos of the bats.

  8. We used to see the same thing all of the time with people needing intenet all of the time. In defense of many, with so many people still working from home, I suppose some are just trying to have access to work.
    I loved the lounger photo. Relaxation is the key for the day.
    I have more boxes to unpack today so I guess I better get busy.
    take care.

  9. I remember when we were tent camping, we would have the same thing. It seems strange for someone to camp in a tent yet need their television and other electronics. I used to look forward to enjoying nature.
    The photo of your puppy in the lounger looked so sweet.
    Take care and

  10. We do most afternoons have time away from our phones, sitting outside, reading and relaxing, it is so easy to Puck up your phone and lose an hour.

  11. Sorry about the mess the foxes made for you to clean up. Maybe their way of saying they missed you. A few days away and the garden (and the weeds) can need some tidying up. Take care :)

  12. I hope you didn't move Cassie from the sun lounger so you could use it (only joking), she looks very relaxed. You're right, we used to look forward to a postcard when family went away on holiday and now we can see them via Facetime and such. I'm glad you've enjoyed your break.


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