Wednesday, 3 March 2021

The Ducks Are In The Dining Room

 Oh well! After working from 9.30 to darkness I'm afraid to say the duck run wasn't finished. The paving slabs were all levelled. The framework went together quite easily but the chicken wire was hopeless. I kept saying as we were attaching it. "The foxes are going to laugh at us when they see this wire!" We might as well just have said "Foxes come and get your dinner!" At the end of the day it just wasn't safe enough.  I'm not giving up. I read somewhere when you are thinking about foxes you must remember they have the agility of a cat and the strength of a dog. I will check every corner of the run to secure it somehow before the ducks go back in so we have another busy day ahead of us. I really love our garden foxes but I know they are wild animals. The vixen is probably pregnant now, which will make her even more determined to care for her young by providing food. We don't want our ducks part of that food! 

The ducks however are blissfully unaware of all these problems and are perfectly happy in the warm in the dining room! I think they have quite enjoyed their day yesterday, a bit of a change of scene!

I'm off outside again now. I really wish I could sit with a cup of coffee and look through some blogs but not this morning again. I hope everyone has a lovely day and it's a bit more restful than mine is set to be! xx


  1. Such a clever idea! I love that photo; they do look very content, don't they?

  2. I love that you love your ducks so much as to make sure they are secure and happy. Fox are wiley creatures and although they are beautiful animals, they would make quick work of your babies.
    They look very happy there in the house and would probably be quite content to stay there. :-)

  3. Oh dear, sorry that things haven't gone to plan and I hope you can sort it so your precious ducks are safe.

  4. You take such good care of your ducks. I do hope you manage to make the their new home secure. The project is less straight forward than it first appeared. That's unfortunate.

  5. They do look like two happy ducks. I think they appreciate the upgrade in their accommodations! I hope it is not too difficult to get things safe for these two sweeties!


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