Monday, 1 March 2021

Little Pointless Facts

 The 1st of March is finally here. My Dad has taken, now the weather has improved, to walking up to the church at the end of the lane near where he lives each day. It is just a nice distance, once round the graveyard and then home. It has led to a regular evening conversation on the phone that goes something like this. "Do you remember so and so who used to live at the end of the lane years ago." "Yes I do, the family had a Labrador dog and a tabby cat." "I can't remember that but they had a Rover car." "Yes he grew vegetables and always had bonfire going in the garden." "That's the one, he had a little cheerful wife." "Yes I remember her now, how are they?" "Dead, I saw their grave in the graveyard." "Oh dear." I'm really not sure how uplifting these walks are turning out to be but at least it keeps him fit and he is enjoying admiring all the spring flowers coming to life. 

However these evening conversations have made me realise another thing. Our brains are full of snippets of information we have stored there over the years. Sometimes I think everything is there just waiting for something to remind us of them and they come to the surface. Except maybe how to solve maths problems. I think that may have gone forever! Little things we store away about people and things that happen throughout our life, put in a box in our brain marked "Save For Later" Whenever I look at flowers starting to bloom at this time of year and little shoots coming through I remember a poem we would recite at school about spring. 

A Spike Of Green

When I went out

The sun was hot

It shone upon 

my flower pot.

And there I saw 

A spike of green

That no one else 

Had ever seen.

On other days

The things I see

Are mostly old

Except for me.

But this green spike

So new and small

Has never yet

Been seen at all.

It's so strange when I look at green shoots appearing everywhere I can't get this poem out of my head. I could be eight and reciting it at school. We used to have hand writing cards with short poems on, that we had to copy in our best handwriting. It was on one of those handwriting cards and I wonder if because I wrote it down as well as reciting it, is why I learned it so well. How is it still there in my brain after all this time. Maybe it has stayed there because even after all these years I still find the sight of these little green shoots appearing everywhere so special. My favourite time of the year. Everything to look forward to and the darkest days behind us. Never have I felt it more than this year. Spring really does feel very precious. I hope everyone has a lovely 1st March what ever you are doing and Happy St David's Day. xx


  1. Happy St David's Day to you. That's a lovely poem remembered from your school days. Many things to look forward to now that Spring is here and the sun is shining.

  2. Lovely poem and quite fitting for St David's day when all the shoots are appearing everywhere as we move into March. Had to smile at your dad's graveyard walks and the following conversations about the inhabitants!

  3. It's the same with song lyrics, I can sing along to a song 40+ years old, word for word each time, even though I haven't heard the song for years.

  4. I can remember songs and poems from my school days without any problems, but really struggle to learn anything by heart now.

  5. I know the fact that many of your Dad's friends and neighbours have died is not amusing at all but I found the conversation you had with him made me chuckle.
    Nice little poem that you remember from back when. Funny what sticks in our mind.I've read that everything we ever heard or read is stored in our brain. Then something brings a "forgotten" bit up to the surface and we're amazed that it was there all along.


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