Saturday, 3 December 2016

A New Cooker And Well Done Sutton United

  We had our "new" secondhand range cooker fitted today. The gas fitter couldn't believe we had only spent £100 on it which was my limit of money. Little does he know my perseverance and patience when it comes to finding a bargain. I am looking for ideas for a cheap splashback and then I will take some photos. If I am on the look out for something I will wait all year if necessary for it to turn up at car boot sale or jumble sale or at the right price on ebay. In the end I will always find it. At the moment I am on the  look out for a retro looking slow cooker and a pair of vintage bedside lamps. I will find them and I am quite happy to wait until next spring if needs be to find the right items at the right price. No impulse buying in this house!
    I'm still dragging myself around feeling a bit sorry for myself but something that happened today has brightened me up.  For years we lived backing on to Sutton United's ground and Tom would regularly take our youngest son to watch their matches. We always knew how they were doing as we could hear every word the crowd was singing good and bad! Even though we have moved to Carshalton (What turncoats!) All I can say is well done Sutton United through to the 3rd Round of the F.A. Cup. Let's hope the run continues.


  1. I'm a patient soul really, but I wish I had your patience in waiting for things.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. Awww Jane....please send me some of your patience. I am already getting annoyed because I can't find the kitchen dresser I want at a decent price-x-

  3. I'm a firm believer in waiting and the right thing will eventually turn up. That's how we got our dining table and chairs....I knew exactly what I wanted, found the table after a few months at a really good price, and the chairs a few weeks later for an even better price.