Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Wallace And Gromit Are My Style Icons

    My youngest son always jokes our house looks like Wallace and Gromits. A sort of homely 1940s influence with little quirky touches and I kind of know what he means. I bought this Wallace and Gromit clock radio a few weeks ago for £3. I know it would sell quite well but I love it. The whole little montage is so cosy and almost comforting. I have decided, much to youngest sons delight, I will keep it.

    Who could not love Wallace and Gromits cosy house. From the kitchen to the dining room it is just so retro. I'm sure Kirsty Allsopp get's some of her ideas from them.

I love a cosy retro Christmas and I'm sure anyone who loves retro style would have to agree with their choice of Christmas decorations!

   This has reminded me of an incident which happened when I was visiting The 1940s House at the Imperial War Museum with my two daughters. I was standing admiring the living room when my eldest daughter walked over to me and said "Getting decor ideas Mum?" An American tourist standing next to us roared with laughter and said "That's why I love you Brits you are always so funny." We laughed politely but when he walked away my eldest daughter said "I meant it." "I know you did" I replied "and I was getting ideas!" They know me so well.

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  1. Lol.....my Andy would have snatched that up in a heartbeat. He loves Wallace and Gromit-x-