Saturday, 24 December 2016

Happy Christmas Everyone

   That's it what isn't done isn't done. The house has had a last minute tidy up, the dogs have been bathed and the presents wrapped. I'll worry about the food in the morning but for tonight we are opening a bottle of Baileys and enjoying a chat in front of the fire. I'm almost too scared to take the dogs for their evening walk incase they get dirty before the big day.

Bud In His Christmas Neckerchief.

Cassie is her usual cheeky self.!

Poppy Has Seen It All Before.

    As if by a Christmas miracle poor little injured Sammy the cockatiel flew across the room whilst I was cleaning out her cage. When I rescued her and put her back for the first time she started balancing on her perch. She needs to steady herself with her beak but it is such a step forward we're so pleased.

   Happy Christmas to every person who reads this blog and their loved ones. I hope you all have the happiest, safest and most peaceful Christmas ever. Jane xx.


  1. Awww your dogs look beautiful....all ready for Santa.

    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas Jane-x-

  2. Sorry I'm late commenting Jane, what gorgeous fur babies and I'm so pleased to read Sammy is improving♥ Your home is so beautiful, very warm and inviting. Linda xxx

  3. Your doggies look fabulous, what an expression on Cassie's face.

    happy new year.