Saturday, 10 December 2016

Vintage Or Retro?

We went to the local Charity Saleroom this morning and they were very excited to tell us that they had opened a new vintage room. It has changed hands recently as the man who used to own the place has gone into an old peoples home. They certainly had gone to a lot if trouble and have clearly worked ever so hard as the whole place is looking much more organised. (Women in charge now I thought to myself!) But for the kind of things I sell I wonder if it will really help me. The prices are much higher in there and lots of the things I know don't really sell that well.

    It's all been so nicely arranged though and I didn't want to hurt their feelings so I did buy a very old pair of Laurel and Hardy dolls in their original old clothes but they were £8 and I'm not really sure how well they will sell.

   I tend to find on ebay that it's retro that sells well as people love to feel nostalgic about times gone by. Yet luckily for me lots of people selling don't seem to realise that. I have made more from 1970s kitchen items than Victorian ones. I wouldn't be surprised if I make a bigger profit on this 1980s Edd the Duck than any of the really old things, and he was only £1.

  I'm not quite sure what category the next item, a metal cat wine bottle holder, fits into but I thought it was really cute. I thought it would sell well to a cat lover who would love it for their Christmas table. 

    My youngest son, who has definitely inherited the hoarding gene that runs through our family looked at the metal cat and this is how the conversation went. "You're not selling that are you. Couldn't we just keep it for Christmas. It would look so nice on the Christmas table." "If we keep it for Christmas we'll end up giving it a name and then I will never sell it." "I have already given it a name, Professor." Oh dear I can see how this is going to end up.

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  1. Oh you have to keep the Professor Jane:) I wish I had kept a lot of things from the 70's:( Linda xx