Friday, 23 December 2016

Too Fat To Fly!

   I went to my Mum and Dad's house today and the little robin was never off the new bird feeder all afternoon. My Mum says it starts in the morning and keeps going until dark. If it carries on like this it will be too fat to fly by the New Year I said. As I was looking through the Christmas cupboards this evening I thought to myself I better be careful else I'll end up like the little robin!

    I'm still pressing on with the Christmas slideshow and video but I'm getting a bit worried I won't get it finished by Christmas Day. I'll try and get some music for it tomorrow but I need to take some more Christmassy videos and everyone but my youngest daughter doesn't want to be in it. I bet Steven Spielberg doesn't have these problems.


  1. Cute robin. Aren't they just the most beautiful sight.
    All the ones round here look like little golf balls on legs-x-

  2. Oh I'm so thrilled for your Mum to be able to see such a gorgeous little visitor everyday♥ Good luck Jane with the video:) Christmas Eve here, full house this evening waiting for Santa's visit. I truly hope you and your family, Mum and Dad of course have a wonderful Christmas. Blessings to you all. Linda xxx

    1. Thank you Linda. I suppose Christmas is well under way for you now. I hope you and your family have the best day. Jane xx

  3. How lovely for your mum, I am thrilled for her, have a lovely Christmas xxx

  4. My mum has bird feeders right outside her windows, she gets such pleasure from them. Hope you finish your Xmas video.