Monday, 5 December 2016

Little Lost Toys

    Something I really enjoy buying and selling on ebay are toys. I cannot resist the little cute faces looking at me at jumble sales or car boot sales and I love to think of them being enjoyed again in a new home. I really should never have watched Toy Story. This little Russ Bear called Amelia caused much ridicule amongst other dealers when I purchased her but she sold within days and is off to a new home in France!

   I don't make vast profits on them but they sell quickly and keep a regular steady profit coming in. They are also very easy to find. Character toys sell well and these two sold within a couple of days. I spend ages photographing them to make them look as cute as possible so they have the best chance of finding a home. There's no hope really!

I'm always on the lookout for little lost dolls and found this one face down in an old box. She cost 50p and she was filthy but I cleaned her up and used upholstery cleaner on her little fabric body. 

   I searched all summer for an outfit to fit her and finally found one for 20p at the last car boot sale of the season. I hope she sells to a new home but at the moment she is sitting on a shelf in my office looking very pleased with herself. I joke with my family that she will sell in the end as one day she will be an antique. I say when you take all my old junk to Antiques Roadshow when I am dead and gone it will all be worth a fortune. They look far from convinced but you never know!


  1. Just tell them the 'it's whatever keeps you happy' phrase. Amelia does
    look like a real cutie. x

  2. Toys have always been a good seller for me as well x

  3. I'm glad you are finding new homes for the little lost toys.
    Something that makes me sad is to see old family albums ending up in junk shops. Somebody's history consigned to a box of junk. It's heartbreaking-x-

  4. I just picked up a little bear at a thrift shop called "little lost bear" by Russ. He has magnetic hands to cover his eyes and the quote written on the box says, "I'll close my eyes and I'll pretend, that you are here my special friend."