Saturday, 17 December 2016

Birthday Celebrations On A Foggy Day

   It was my Mum's 91st birthday today. We didn't manage to get the bird feeder we were looking for in the end but I bought a little clip on platform for the bird feeder they have so hopefully the robin will sit on that to have his food. There was a lot of left a bit right a bit while my poor Dad was out in the cold until we managed to find the perfect view for my Mum to see the platform.
  The carers bought a lovely cake which they brought in with candles lit and they sang Happy Birthday. My Mum's niece's phoned to talk to her and really it was nice. I am so grateful how thing's are today. not perfect but better.

   It's been foggy all day today, never really clearing but at least none of that horrible constant drizzly rain from the other day. Tom and I went to the farm to buy some chicken food this morning and I had promised my youngest daughter a photo of the Alpacas in the field as she loves them. Sadly it was not really happening today. It was so foggy they are just look like little ghostly shapes. I'll try again on a clear day.


  1. What a lovely cheerful cake.
    Happy Birthday to your Mum for yesterday.
    It's bitterly cold here today and there is talk of snow.....I am as excited as a five year

  2. I was only thinking yesterday your Mum should have celebrated her 91st Birthday, belated birthday wishes:) It sounds like your Mum's birthday was a wonderful celebration♥ How thoughtful of the carers to bring such a lovely cake, very special people indeed. Hope Sammy is feeling better Jane? Linda xx