Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas Reindeer

   It was a lovely mild sunny day today and I think the birds must have been getting confused because of the mild weather as I heard them singing at 4am while I was lying there listening for my youngest daughter to come in after a party. She had told me she wouldn't be back until that time but I still was really wakeful all night listening for her. Once she was in that was it, I slept soundly until 8am which is a real lie in for me.
   We left early for the local garden centre to try and buy my Mum's birthday present, which was really crowded with people buying their Christmas trees. We stopped to look at the reindeer that they have every year. One year two escaped and there was drama in the area as the roads had to be closed off by the police while they were recaptured. The poor garden centre owner ran after one all the way to Croydon which is about 4 miles down the road. He said he never knew how fast a reindeer could run until he was running behind it! Anyway no such dramas today all seemed very calm.

I didn't think they looked very seasonal in the sunshine so there you are that looks better!

All the children really seemed to be enjoying the displays.

  Sadly the bird feeder I was going to get for my Mum was out of stock so I just have to hope it comes in with the new delivery on Thursday. I did buy these pretty pansies for our window boxes though so the front of the house will look nice for Christmas. There is a lot of work ahead.


  1. I love reindeer but haven't been to see the ones at our garden centre yet. Maybe next weekend.
    The escaped reindeer story made me laugh out loud. I could just picture the owner chasing down the road-x-

  2. Fingers crossed the bird feeder arrives on Thursday. I don't sleep well when our grandchildren sleep over which is once a week:( Lovely photos. Linda xx

  3. I can just picture the garden centre owner running down the road, how hilarious. Garden centres these days are full of lovely things, but you have to be careful as they are usually pricey, love your pansies, nice to have some colour this time of year xx