Thursday, 8 December 2016

Enjoying Shopping Locally!

   I have been only shopping locally lately and it's working out really well. I can have little chat's with all the local shop keepers and it feels so much less hectic. The other thing I'm surprised to notice is we are definitely spending less and I think eating more fresh food and vegetables. There are four adults living in our house and two who pop in regularly at meal times. I have worked out a bit of routine for shopping locally now.
   In the morning before lunch Tom or I, depending on who is around, go to the bakers to get a loaf of bread which is always warm and fresh and then if we are having meat that evening go to the butchers to buy it. At about 5.30 I go out to the Co-Op and buy two or three types of vegetables, and a bag of salad, nearly all of which we can find reduced at that time of day. They always have reduced crumpets or muffins and even sometimes a big cherry or apple pie at this time of the evening. Fish is often reduced too and as I don't eat meat I will buy this if it is cheap enough. I try and buy one or two items for the store cupboard at this time which is getting low such as coffee, olive oil, cans of beans, custard (to go with the apple pie!) all the usual kind of things we need. I have also been adding one item for Christmas at the moment nearly always from the reduced shelf to put in the freezer. We do have eggs every day from our hens and Scoot will start laying soon as it is the beginning of the duck breeding season which also helps as we are omlette obsessed!  Most days I spend £10 sometimes £12, No topping up later in the week which seemed to happen when we bought the weekly shop and a lot more enjoyable.
   The bakers looked lovely when I went this morning and the Christmas display of food even nicer. They make it all fresh in the shop, it is a proper old fashioned bakers.  I just wish there was a way of capturing the smell in there.

  The wool shop always puts on a lovely display and what ever the celebration and I do love Mr And Mrs Santa Claus but maybe Santa has been on the mulled wine already!



  1. Oh dear I don't know what happened to my comment, perhaps it was a sign I was rambling too much. Briefly then I so love this post and photos Jane, thank you:) Linda x

  2. I wish that we lived in town now. I don't drive so always have to get either Andy or Roz to take me so to live in or nearer to town would be a dream for me. We have a community shop in one village a mile one way and a post office a mile the other way but both are very expensive and don't stock everything I buy in a week.
    It's lovely to know that you are supporting your local shops-x-

  3. That's a little t of walking I guess too...good exercise! x

  4. I remember years ago when we live somewhere else, the CO Op was always good for bargains.x