Wednesday, 14 December 2016

What A Difference A Day Makes

   I can't barely believe how different today was to yesterday. The sun has shined all day and there was barely a cloud in the sky. The winter trees looked beautiful against the sunshine.

   It's strange how much more productive you feel when the sun shines. I packed up all my parcels and faced the post office reasonably cheerfully! Then after an early lunch dusted and tidied every book in out living room which took me about an hour. We have books all over our house and I'm starting to think maybe I better join books anonymous. Most are lovely old hardbacks and I dread the day the house is totally full as I couldn't bear to part with them. 
  After feeding the ducks, hens and aviary birds in the garden I started planting the hanging baskets with pansies. It had got a bit late though and I only managed to get one hanging basket and one tub planted before it got dark but at least I have made a start. 

    I felt things had gone well today except for discovering one of the cockatiels in our aviary, Sammy,  had injured herself somehow. I'm not sure what has happened but she can't fly or perch. She is one of my hand reared cockatiels that I had taken out of the nest box to hand rear to give the parents a hand when when they had a very large clutch. I return them to the aviary when they can look after themselves but I always have a very special bond with these ones. She definitely looks very bedraggled and down in the dumps. Strangely after three years out in the aviary she still sat on my knee with her eyes shut while I scratched her head just like she used to love when she was a chick. I really hope she recovers.


  1. Oh no poor Sammy, get well soon sweet little one♥ Love the planted pansies very cheerful:) Books are my weakness, I have them all over the place:( I need a huge bookcase but where to put it is the problem. The sad part is so many are unread as yet, time poor unfortunately:( You've certainly had a productive day Jane. Linda xx

  2. You are right, better weather makes me feel more productive, I never realised you had an aviary, we used to have one when we had our own house, would love to see your feathered friends xx

  3. The sun was lovely yesterday wasn't it?
    Poor little Sammy....get well soon-x-