Monday, 19 December 2016

Countdown To Christmas

   My youngest daughter has been taking photos ready for Christmas. We had the idea that we would make a video and add a slideshow of the photos to send to my Mum and Dad as they can't get over to us. I'll have to get it done for Christmas day so we are starting now. Youngest daughter is very artistic and all the photos are being carefully planned and taken. Here is the first photo, I'm not sure that they will be thrilled to see our constantly leaning Christmas fairy but I am bowing to her superior artistic leanings and will include it!

     There has been a lot of talk on the news today about 999 calls to the police that are wasting there time and we were laughing today about an incident that happened to my eldest daughter. She is in CID now so is not affected the same but when she was in uniform she did a night shift on the front desk of the police station. At about 11pm a woman brought in a goldfish in an ice cream tub which was swimming in a very sickly way on it's side. She said she couldn't find a local emergency vet. 
    My eldest daughter who is very kind and an animal lover spent nearly an hour, much to amusement of the other PCs on duty, going through the phone book trying to find an emergency vet. Unfortunately not one would agree to open the surgery at midnight for a goldfish and by this time the fish was floating in a very ominous way. The woman snatched the ice cream tub and as she left said "You have been hopeless. I'm going to write to the local paper about our uncaring police." Sometimes the poor police just can't win!


  1. What a lovely idea to make a slideshow for your Mum and Dad.
    I thought I couldn't quite believe that someone would turn up at a police station with a dying goldfish but you know I actually can. Not long ago I was reading an article in the paper about time wasting calls to the police. One woman who was exhausted after shopping all day phoned the police to demand that they take her home as she was too tired to walk. That one definitely made my jaw drop with shock.
    Bless your daughter though for being so helpful-x-

  2. Such a darling little Fairy♥ What a wonderful idea to make a slideshow for your parents, they will be thrilled. I had to shake my head reading about your daughter and the story Sheila wrote above:( Linda xx