Tuesday, 20 December 2016

No Time For Work

    That's it I'm too busy getting ready for Christmas to work. I wish I could close my ebay shop until after Christmas and put a closed for Christmas sign on my two websites. Unfortunately it's not really an option but it's so hard at this time of year and there is nobody else but me to do the work. Last week I got a Christmas email from a customer who said Happy Christmas to you and all your staff! It made me smile, so that's me and the dogs then sitting in the little scullery at the back of our old house that we have converted into an office for me. My staff! What a laugh!
   I went to my Mum and Dad's house today and was thrilled when my Mum excitedly told me the robin has been on the feeder all day eating the special robin food I bought. She was so pleased. The food must be very nice as I thought it would take a week or two for the birds to get used to it. I think I may buy some for the robin in our garden.
  Here's another of the Christmas photos my youngest daughter has taken for the slideshow. It made me smile as Tom and I were out when she took it and our old beagle who is 14 is happily lounging on Tom's chair when he is not there and Cassie our little Yorkie is sitting at the window waiting for us to come home. What goes on when we are out!


  1. But you can't shout...it's the season after all!! x

    1. I know what you mean. It just wouldn't be done! Jane xx

  2. What a wonderful cosy scene-x-

  3. Awww picture perfect. That would make a gorgeous Christmas card♥ I was so happy to read about the little Robin, how exciting for your Mum:) Linda xx