Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Day Surgery!

   What a long day yesterday was and what a disappointment. My eldest daughter took me in to hospital at 7 am for day surgery removing a fibroid from my uterus. My big worry was really being out of action for any length of time as I have to go to my Mum and Dad's to help so often. I wasn't really worried about the procedure. All seemed to be going well and I looked at the clock when I was lying in the anesthetic room it was 11 am.
   You can't imagine my disappointment when I came to in the recovery ward to be told they had to abandon the procedure as I had been bleeding so much. I spent the rest of the afternoon lying head tipped down with oxygen on and drips going. At one point my blood pressure was 60/28. They transferred me to a ward at the end of the afternoon while they decided whether I could go home. I would hate to scare people who are having this done as all the other women in the day surgery unit, who were having similar procedures done, were all dressed and waiting to be picked up by 2pm so I suppose I have just been unlucky.
   The doctors came to see me that evening and I was discharged at 7pm. I was so relieved to see Tom and my two daughters when they came to pick me up I almost cried. They made me something to eat and had bought me a box of chocolates. I was so glad to be home but very disappointed that after all this, the initial problem hasn't even been resolved.


  1. Oh bless you, how terribly disappointing.

  2. Aww Jane....I'm so sorry.
    Will they try to do the operation again?

  3. You poor thing, I hope it gets sorted soon, xx

  4. That's an awful thing to have gone through...hope all can be resolved soon for you...time to worry about you as well...someone else can sort out the parents for once if needs be. x