Saturday, 26 November 2016

A Disorganised Person's Guide To An Organised Christmas

   I am a very organised person when it comes to my work. However this almost obsessional behaviour sadly doesn't seem to spill into my family life. I try very hard writing lists but that is about as far as I get. Last year I wrote a long list when I went shopping and handed it to the assistant in Waterstones as it had the ISBN number next to the name of the book I was ordering and then left the shop without it. I'm sure you get the picture. I think it is panic which makes my disorganisation worse so this year I am taking things in hand!
   I have pushed everyone this week into eating every item of food in the freezer (Not fish in batter again Mum) and it is has been defrosted. I have two plans in mind. We have just had a really good little store open up near us with a big variety of food at really good prices so with that, the Co-Op, a butchers, bakers and a little farm shop a short walk down the roads I must be able to buy our food daily at good prices. It will make a nice change from the same old weekly shop. I'm really looking forward to the challenge. If I can keep down the daily budget instead of a weekly one I will buy an item of Christmas food every day for the freezer or store cupboard.
   Strangely I actually feel a bit of pressure taken off already as I don't have to think ahead to plan meals for the whole week just for each day. I love going up to the farm shop as I take Bud with me and a little backpack for my shopping so I'm looking forward to doing that every few days. I suppose the hardest part will be fitting it all in the day but at least I'll be supporting the local shops even more than we do now. I shall record my progress.

Our local Co-Op And Butchers

Our Local Bakers.

Our Local Farm Shop.


  1. local shops sheer luxury .....its 5 miles to a coop and budgens and theyre both tiny and very expensive , we live near a tourist trap which should explain everything

    1. You are right I shouldn't complain really. I'm always running down the road for things I have forgotten! Jane xx