Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Joys Of Southern Rail

   I had to be at my Mum and Dad's house by 9.30 this morning as my Dad had a hospital appointment. Easy you would think, but changing twice on the train journey gives Southern Rail far too many opportunities to completely scupper any chance of that. By the time I got to Epsom it was 9.28, the train to Ashtead had been delayed until 9.43 and I still had a twenty minute walk when I got off the train. I could feel my blood pressure rising.
     I wonder if in future I should stay on the Epsom Downs train and then wouldn't have to change at all, but it is 3 1/2 mile walk to their house from the station much of which is without pavements and I would have to cross a golf course which I'm sure would be lonely. I could get murdered. I suppose I could take Bud my trusty guard dog with me! The only trouble is he hates trains and dribbles constantly. It would be packed at that time of the morning and I doubt my fellow travellers would enjoy starting their day covered with drool and border collie hairs. I sometimes wonder if I should just give up, get fit and walk the seven miles to their house, it has to be better than the train option and their are more strikes planned.
    I immediately felt calmer and happier though when I was walking up to their house, I stopped to look at the pond I used to go fishing in when I was a child, all those little minnows that were caught and brought home in a jam jar. I used to love feeding the ducks there and was disappointed not to see a duck in sight. Just lots of seagulls bobbing about in the water.

    Then I saw them all standing around on the pavement in what looked like a little huddle of gossiping ladies. I'm sure they are complaining about the seagulls moving into their home.


  1. Oh I feel your pain with regards to public transport. I used to work in a village four miles from my own...back troubles meant I couldn't walk that distance which was mostly uphill. I started work at 10am but had to catch a bus at 7am and travel into town ten miles away to catch another bus to work. I did that four days a week and the cost was ridiculous as they didn't do any special multi journey tickets for either of those routes. Thank goodness I used to get picked up at 4pm when I finished and didn't have to do the whole thing again in reverse.
    Lovely pictures of the duck pond and ducks-x-

    1. It's so frustrating isn't it? Never mind high speed rail just a train that can travel 7 miles in less than two hours would make me happy! Jane xx