Saturday, 19 November 2016

Feeling Rather Old But I Don't Really Care!

    The other week Tom and I went to a jumble sale at the local scout hall which was on a Friday evening. Just before we left my eldest son gave me a ring before he left for a night out with some friends. I can't stay long I explained to him as we are going to a Jumble Sale and I don't want to miss all the first bargains. Eldest son roared with laughter "Oh my goodness it's Friday night and you're off to a Jumble Sale you two really are living the high life." Tom and I couldn't stop laughing as we set off agreeing we are so easily pleased now. Our packed social life in the early 80s is just a distant memory.
    Despite being made to feel ancient we had a really successful time and bought lots of fantastic items for virtually nothing. The boy scouts were all so polite and helpful. This was my favourite item, a wooden pencil case from probably the 1930s, still with the little girls name on it. What ever happened to Norah Smith I wonder?

    I found some old wooden tennis rackets in their wooden presses, just like I had at school, and wondered if they would sell on ebay. I decided against them and put them down and walked away. As if I hadn't been made to feel ancient enough that evening, I heard one of the little boy scouts say to another "What are these, they look like snow shoes." His friend replied "Oh no they are tennis rackets from the olden days!"
    Tom and I had laughed all the way there and we laughed all the way home. As we sat down later that evening with a cup of tea and a piece of toast each we had to admit the high life was a long time ago but you know what we don't really care!

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  1. We don't actually do anything that exciting any more, but we don't care we are happy with our little life.
    I really love that pencil case xx