Thursday, 17 November 2016

A Blustery Day

    It has been a really windy day today. I had to go for a blood test before a minor op as a day case the week after next. The only thing left open at Sutton Hospital is a little pre fab unit for blood tests. The rest of the building is either demolished or all boarded up now. I don't think many people are aware this little unit is there so I dashed in and out with only one person in front of me and Tom and I set off for the charity saleroom to buy some more stock before he had to go back to work. I only bought a few bits but did manage to find some really nice silver plated items which will look lovely when I have cleaned them up. Sometimes I can hardly bear to put the items up for sale but I try and be firm with myself as my little Nostalgic Store is not going to build up with me keeping all the stock!
    The wind had really got up when we returned and the barometer has dropped significantly which is never a good sign. I'm not really frightened of heights but this telephone engineers up a pole on a windy day is a braver man than me! He's not even holding on. Apparently there is a named storm heading our way in the next few days. So I think we better check all the chicken runs and hope our old roof tiles survive.


  1. I've been flicking through the online auction catalogues today , not a thing do I fancy , not even a homeless doll to rescue , oh well there's a jumble sale Saturday

  2. If your wind today has been anything like our wind today then I definitely wouldn't like his job up that