Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Remembering A Little Lost Dog

  When we were out having our family meal on Sunday night my eldest son was telling us whilst he was working he had a couple of hours to kill in London so he popped into Battersea Dogs And Cats Home. We always used to have days out when our children were young going to Battersea Dogs Home, then round to Battersea Park to the best adventure playground in London and then tea by the lake. Happy Days. Our Dog Bud is a Battersea dog and our old cat Archie also came from Battersea. He was telling us there were some really lovely dogs there and as usual lots and lots of poor Staffies. As a breed I feel so sorry for Staffies, I'm sure it is the same in other cities but in London they are often owned by people who should never have a dog and goodness knows what fate awaits many of them.
   It did remind me though of one very sad incident that happened 14 years ago. My eldest son had just left home and was living in a flat on the other side of town. One day he brought round a little black Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It was a little portly dog all grey round it's whiskers and was obviously not in the first flush of youth but it had a little waggy tail and wiggled it's bottom when it wagged. He had found it wandering near where he lived. You must report it to someone I told him. He told me he had put up posters and no one had come forward. But she's such a little cutie someone must be missing her I said.
   When he got home he phoned the local dog warden who came round and said she had to take the dog away. He wasn't happy but she said it was the law to keep it for I think it was about 14 days. He asked her to please phone him after 14 days if no one claimed her as he would give her a home. We all kept our fingers crossed and he waited for the time to go by. The day came and there was no phone call so my son phoned the dog warden to ask after the little Staffie only to be told by the dog warden that she had been put to sleep as no one claimed her and she was too old to rehome. No one even seemed bothered that he had wanted her. My son was devastated and I don't think I had ever felt so guilty. I still feel terrible now just remembering it. Her final days could have been so different. I often think I will give a home to an abandoned Staffie as there are so many of them. Maybe one day I will, to make up for that poor little dog with the grey muzzle and waggy tail.
   If anyone hasn't been there and is able to go, try and give Battersea Dogs And Cats Home a visit and maybe someone else will be won over by a little cute Staffie. Also the cafe by the lake in Battersea Park does the nicest toasted sandwiches you can imagine!


  1. Oh Jane that is so sad. Poor little dog-x-

  2. Seniors are the best dogs. And the last to be chosen. Any shelter has a few that would love a second chance.

    Plus most of them are house trained apart from the odd accident. Yes, we always adopt adults!