Monday, 21 November 2016

A 21st Birthday!

   Yesterday was my youngest daughters 21st Birthday. The whole family went out for a meal and had a fantastic time. My youngest daughter is funny, artistic and totally flamboyant! She is six feet tall and yet happily goes out in four inch heels. When she and her friends are out in London they are always being photographed. Photographers are always giving her cards to say contact them. Even a scout from Channel 4 stopped her and asked her to contact them for a reality programme. When we went up to London with my eldest daughter and her boyfriend recently he said he felt as if we were her entourage!  Enjoy your life I always tell her as it goes by in a flash.
   Yet when she is at work looking after the severely disabled children she loves and talks about all the time, she is the kindest person in the world. I could not possibly be more proud of her.

Our  youngest daughter on her 21st before we left home and with her sister.


  1. Beautiful girls.
    Happy 21st Birthday-x-

  2. Happy Birthday, the years just fly by don't they x