Saturday, 17 April 2021

Seed Planting And Funeral Thoughts

 I had quite a busy day around the garden yesterday. One job I started on was the step for the caravan. I had stupidly imagined that it would be a really quick job however it took me a long time to rub all the rust off, but the worst was scraping off the old brittle rubber mat on the top. It took me over an hour of scraping with an old knife and  rubbing it down with sand paper in between. The vixen came out from behind the shed to see what was going on and sat watching me, about ten feet away, for a while. I chatted to her while I worked and she stared at me, sitting there like a dog. I did notice while she was sitting her stomach looked really big. I wondered where she will be giving birth as since a house is being built in the garden but one from us I think their territory has shrunk in the last year, one of the reasons they spend so much time in our garden. By the evening I had painted the stand, so just the top to cover now and it will be ready.

I spent a while planting some more seeds in the greenhouse. I planted some sunflowers and some hollyhocks. I have lots of hollyhock plants from seeds my sister gave me last autumn, to plant out when the risk of frost has passed and these will all probably be red, we think. The variety I planted today are called Good Golly Miss Holly and are a mix of "vibrant colours" so they should add some more colour to the border, if they flower this year. If not it will be something to look forward to next year. The sun flowers are a giant variety which can grow up to 9 feet! I doubt very much these will do that well but I'm still looking forward to seeing how they grow. 

After I had finished and was inside having a cup of tea with youngest daughter, our eldest daughter phoned to say Scarlett had got into their first choice of Primary school for September and then the doctor's surgery phoned to book my second coronavirus jab for next Saturday. It was a coincidence as I had just been saying I was looking forward to having it done, and with the news the figures of coronavirus positive tests are at their lowest since September it felt like a really cheerful day. When I went down to the shops yesterday evening I saw our lovely local florist had decorated their shop for spring. All our local shops have worked so hard keeping their windows looking pretty despite being closed and it is really nice to see them open again. 

I was thinking a lot about the Queen and the royal family last night. That terrible night before a family funeral, they must be heartbroken, particularly the poor Queen . They are no different than the rest of us, they have lost a loved one and must be dreading today and the whole thing is going to be in front of the world's media, who will be looking for any look or sign of a drama to make a big thing of. I really feel for them and even though I have a lot to catch up with today, I intend to watch the funeral. It is a moment in our history. It's a lovely morning so I better get going with all the things I want to get finished. I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday and enjoys some of this lovely sunshine. xx


  1. I intend to watch the funeral too and feel so sad for the Queen and the royal family. The flower shop does look pretty and so nice to see after the horrible time we've all been through. I hope the vixen can give birth and raise her young safely. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. It was very moving and beautifully done. I love the way the flower shop decorates for all different times of the year. They are very imaginative. Hope your having a good weekend too. x

  2. I popped up to the surgery for my 2nd
    jab at 9:30..
    Walked into town, what a surprise, full
    of people, and nine stalls on the market,
    could'nt believe it..After about ten minutes
    there was crowd of us, yapping away, well,
    it looked big, as we were two yards apart..
    HeHe! Noticed l said 'yards' well, we've
    left the EU now..back to feet/inches and
    pints/ of Boris's suggestion..!
    I've never bothered with metres etc anyway..! :(.

    Great morning so far..I must get in touch with
    Windsor..see if l can borrow Philips Land Rover
    for my demise..! :). Sounds a lot better than
    the wheelbarrow l've got arranged..! :).
    I'll settle down for 50mins with a mug of lemon
    tea watching the my Dad
    and Grandad both belong to the Coldstream...!

    Scarlett might like this...

    🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸 🌷

    1. Really good news about your second vaccination Willie. Hope your feeling Ok today. I kept thinking about the wheelbarrow yesterday it really made me laugh! That video link is amazing, I have loved trains all my life and never knew this. I'm going to send the link to my youngest son. He's 28 but I know he will enjoy it! The Guards were brilliant weren't they.

  3. You're sure keeping yourself busy these days. I'm looking forward to seeing how you've finished the step. I find it fascinating that the vixen is content to be so close to you. I do hope she finds a safe birthing spot.
    I, too, am sad for the royal family. What a moment in history. THey all seem to be very well aged don't they? The Queen presents her usual calm demeanor doesn't she?
    Have a lovely day and congrats on your appointment.

    1. We have noticed before that the foxes get really tame in the summer when we and our neighbours are out and about more, in the winter they become a bit more reserved. It was so sad to see the Queen all alone yesterday but as you say calm and always so dignified too. Have a lovely day Betsy.

  4. What a moving service it was for the prince. I'm so glad that in spite of it being kept so small the world was able to watch the service.

    1. I found it so moving too. All the military were faultless and when you consider they didn't have too long to get ready. I think it is the fact they were together so long that makes it so terribly sad, but really I suppose that makes them lucky.


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