Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Rockeries And Missing Gnomes

 I didn't really get a relaxing day yesterday in the end but spent most of the morning sorting things out to take to the charity salesroom. The items we are taking I pondered and pondered about. A few weeks before my lovely neighbour died she called me in as I as walking by and told me she had a really big collection of figurines she wanted to get rid of and she wanted to give them to me. She thought I may like some but any I didn't want just sell as she knew I was selling on ebay at the time. After she died her husband said would I still take them as she had wanted me to have them. It took half the morning to move them and they were piled practically to the ceiling in the dining room all still in their boxes. It was very awkward as none of them were really to my taste. I kept a couple that were quite nice so I had something to remember her with and then the pandemic started so we put them in the loft. We have decided it's no good we are going to have to be hard hearted and get rid of them. I can't help but feel guilty though. 

When I was looking through them I came across some bronze figures of old fashioned sportsmen. I thought they may be quite nice as garden ornaments, especially if they get a bit of an aged, antique look. After lunch I took the stones I have removed from the aviary and scrubbed them clean and hosed them down. Then I added them to my new rockery. I had intended to add three figures, the cricketer, the runner and the snooker player but the snooker player's cue was like a darning needle it was so sharp! I was worried one of the foxes would walk into it in the dark and do themselves an injury so that is going. I'm quite pleased with the finished area. 

Youngest daughter wasn't so sure as I was taking them out. "I'll have to see it" she said with a very disapproving look on her face. I had to smile, it all reminded me very much of something we were talking about at my Dad's house the other day. Years ago my Dad brought home a garden gnome, he called him Fred and proudly displayed him in the flower bed. Mum was horrified as she used to really dislike garden gnomes. but didn't want to hurt Dad's feelings so would just push him behind bushes every time she was in the garden, my Dad would bring him back out never knowing how he ended up behind a bush. This gnome moving went on for 35 years. I can picture my Mum tutting and saying look at Fred sitting by the lawn, as she dashed out to hide him. 

When we were in the garden the other day I said "Where is Fred?" There was a long silence as we looked around the garden. "He must have got broken and thrown out" said my Dad. "I'd remember that" I said thinking about the years of gnome moving. He has completely disappeared! None of us have any idea how. It is very strange. When I had finished the rockery youngest daughter came out to have a look. "They look quite nice" she said in the same grudging tone my Mum would use about Fred. If they start moving, or even worse disappear I'll want to know why!

I spent the rest of the afternoon weeding and tidying. I still haven't got any more compost so my planting has come to a halt. Everything is coming to life so much, I won't be happy until it is a mass of greenery but it is getting there. 

This morning we are taking all the boxed figurines to the charity showroom then going on to the garden centre. My Dad gave me a garden voucher for Christmas that I still haven't spent because of the lockdown so I have that to treat myself with. I'm really looking forward to finding something nice, but it definitely won't be a gnome! Have a lovely day everyone what ever you are doing. xx


  1. I've heard tales of disappearing gnomes and your Dad may well get a postcard if the gnome has gone on holiday or worse still a ransom note for his safe return :) Your rockery looks nice and do enjoy your visit to the garden centre today.

  2. Gnomes are known as symbols of good luck..
    Originally, gnomes were thought to provide
    protection, especially of buried treasure
    and minerals in the ground..
    They are still used today to watch over
    crops and livestock, often tucked into the
    rafters of a barn or placed in the garden..!
    And they are known as symbols of good luck..!

    The rockery looks nice..and it looks like you've
    quite a large aviary, that's nice to..
    I'm very much against bird cages, my Granny died
    when l was ten years old, my Dad came home with
    a budgie in a cage, day after l took it to the
    front door, and let it survived across
    the way, up in a tree for a few days, my Dad
    put the cage, with the door open, above the
    front door, but, it never came back! :(.
    So, l'm not keen on cages, don't like zoos
    either, though wildlife parks are o.k. Longleat

    What do gnomes love to sing while gardening?
    Gnome Worry, Bee Happy...! :).

    What do gnomes love to sing at Christmas?
    We're driving gnome for Christmas...

    What soap opera do gnomes love?
    Aussie favorite Gnome and Away...

    If you have a mystery that needs to be solved,
    just go to Sherlock Gnomes...!v

    Goodness! Scrapping the bottom of the barrel
    to~day...! :O). 🏡
    (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*))) (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))

  3. How funny about the gnome.....yes, like Eileen I've read about people kidnapping gnomes and sending their owners holiday postcards! I think with gnomes it's a bit of a Marmite thing isn't it, you either love them or hate them. I love them - well, some of them! Your garden looks wonderful.

  4. I'm not into gnomes, but I have loads of resin animals, all realistic looking around my back garden all natives, grand son loves them, I move a couple before each visit, he loves finding them. I love you rockery, the sportsmen give it an element of fun.

  5. I don't have gnomes but I do have a few figurines around the yard. I will take a photo for the blog if the weather warms up again. The case of the missing gnome reminds me of a little on at the lake that went from garden to garden, visiting most people who were willing to keep up with the game. He always appeared somewhere on your camping lot during the night.

  6. I can't stand gnomes! The people round the corner from where I used to live had them all over their front garden. Your garden looks beautiful.

  7. I don't think you should feel guilty about giving those figurines to the charity shop. Someone will want them and give them a nice home. No use keeping them in the attic. Personally I'm not into gnomes. I do have several concrete rabbits though.


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