Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Family Tree Coincidences And A New Hobby

 It was a really bright warm day yesterday after the cold start. I worked first thing in the morning and then planted a couple of butterfly bushes I have grown in pots from little seedlings that have just appeared in the garden as butterfly bushes do. I love them but you have to keep them a bit under control and we cut down an enormous one earlier this year that had just got away from us. I have planted the new one in the same spot, it may not flower this year but they do grow very quickly so we may be lucky. After an early lunch I went to my Dad's house. I often think, when I arrive at Epsom Downs station it is one of the most beautiful spots, especially on a sunny day.

It was so nice to be out and about and my Dad, my sister and I had a really lovely catch up and planned some open air outings. We decided it will be a perfect time to do some investigating in our family tree which we chatted about all afternoon. I have been studying it for years and have recently found some incredible coincidences on my Dad's side. We couldn't quite believe it when it came to light and we said if it was written in a book no one would believe it could happen. Later in the week we are going to a nearby church to have a look around the graveyard. My Dad joked things have got bad when he's looking forward to a trip round a graveyard. He also joked that at nearly 90 people will think he's choosing his plot! I'm just looking forward to us all spending some time together and uncovering more of the mystery. I'll write more about it soon. 

Another really exciting thing that happened yesterday was my very kind brother-in-law has given me his spare butane gas blow torch. I have had my old Robert's radio that I used to listen to as a teenager, for years. It doesn't work as the battery connectors have become corroded. I have contacted a few places and they have said they don't mend these old radios, I've even been on to Roberts themselves with no success and I have been looking at repair cafe's but none of them seem to be open because of the pandemic. I would love to be able to get this radio working again, so I have been studying Youtube videos and have decided to give it a go myself. I have bought some new battery connectors on ebay but first I'm going to be very careful and try out the blow torch on a broken brooch I bought at a jumble sale, then I'm hoping to progress to the radio. If I master it I have all kinds of things I want to give a try. The blow torch has it's instructions so it shouldn't be too hard to work out. I'm really looking forward to a new hobby.

It's another sunny day today and Tom is off work. We're going to have a bit of a relaxing day as tomorrow we have a few things planned to do that will keep us busy. I'm going to sort out another couple of boxes for the charity salesroom though today as we have got some more boxes down from the loft (does it never end up there!) and of course I'm off to find a cannister of butane gas! I hope everyone has a lovely day what ever you are doing. xx


  1. Family Tree...
    I can go back four generations..both on
    Dads side and my Mums side..and, it's all
    been word of mouth..My Sicilian family,
    are huge, two uncles and a sister..(my Mum)..
    had 23 children between them, my Mum only had
    me..! And l have just the one daughter...
    So my two uncles had 22 children between them..
    Though Sicilian families are grately reduced now!
    It's interesting to know your background/family etc..

    Couple years ago my daughter did one of those DND
    things....Ancestry Composition..
    Interesting results..50.6% British..11.00% Italian..
    9.00% Iberian..3.2% French/German..God knows where
    the Iberian comes from..! HeHe! :).

    HaHa! Your Dad has the right idea, l think l might
    start doing that, walking around the graves in a
    cemetery...see if there's 'anybody' about..! :).
    HeHe! Bless! I made my will out some ten years
    ago..l was gonna be buried down the road, country
    church, pink coffin plus an enclosed list of items
    to take with me..but then over the years l had
    second thoughts, waste of money really, so, l arranged
    a cremation etc..but, two years ago l dropped ALL
    that and registered with the HTA..'Human Tissue Authority'.
    I've left my body to science..
    So..basically after the funeral service, l will not be
    cremated..l will go to Southampton Hospital..HeHe!
    Hopefully fall in the hands of Dr Frankenstein..? :).
    (If anyone is interested in the HTA..it's all on line).

    I must get on..going off one here..! :).
    Fire..Butane Gas..NO! I don't so..I don't even burn
    candles indoors..Fire and water, two elements l am
    very wary of..!
    HeHe! :O)
    "It'll be hotter than a billy goat with a blow torch"...
    ♫♪•*¨*•.¸🔥💛🔥¸.•*¨*•♪♫ ♫♪•*¨*•.¸🔥💛🔥¸.•*¨*•♪♫

    1. What a fascinating DNA! My Dad did his last year and it was ever so interesting too but Iberian! That is so good. That is brave of you to leave your body to the HTA but thinking about it, of course it doesn't matter, when we are gone we're gone and makes much more sense than cluttering up over overcrowded earth. Love the billy goat joke! I laughed and laughed.

  2. I would love to read about your family tree coincidence. I have only just rejoined the ancestry site as my brain fog wouldn't allow me to concentrate on research last year. I have discovered a coincidence myself in recent days and can't wait to get back to it.
    I must say you are very adventurous but do be careful with the blowtorch.

    1. I have discovered in life that it's just one big coincidence! Sometimes I think it's just our family but then I think there may be more too it than that. As I get older I think family history becomes so important. I will be careful :)

  3. That's funny about 'choosing his plot'. I've sometimes found a piece of sandpaper can get the connectors working again.

    1. My Dad certainly hasn't lost his sense of humour! I think it's a bit beyond sandpaper sadly. One end has crumbled away.

  4. You are very brave using the blow torch. Anything like that terrifies me. I have just had my DNA tested and was quite amazed and excited by the results. So now I need to get on and find my ancestors. I will look forward to hearing about your family tree.

    1. I'm not really, I get nervous too but I do enjoy a challenge. DNA testing has certainly opened up a whole new interest for so many people.

  5. I love looking into family history. The family information you find can be very interesting. Good luck with the blow torch! You will likely find many things you can use it on.

    1. I too really enjoy it. I go through phases but I have gone up a different branch and it has been so interesting. I'm hoping to fix some jewellery I have bought at jumble sales and maybe even buy more to fix up if I manage to master it.

  6. I really enjoy family history and get strangely attached to the stories that bring all the people to life. I look forward to hearing about the coincidences you've found.

    1. I get attached too Eileen. Sometimes I wonder and wonder about one person and what they were thinking to make the choices they made.

  7. I enjoy family histories too and look forward to hearing your story. I'm glad you're getting to spend time with your Dad and sister. I believe the past year has caused us all to value those times even more than we did before COVID. Your Dad's sense of humor reminds me of my Mom's. She said the same type of thing.
    You are brave to use the blowtorch. I'm afraid I would be afraid of blowing the house up. :-)

    1. Covid has definitely made me appreciate the small things in life I took for granted before. I think it is probably his sense of humour that keeps him going on so well. I am a bit worried about that too but I'm determined to try. I would love to fix old jewellery.

  8. I'm so curious about the family coincidences you're discovered. Researching family history can be fascinating (and surprising).
    Butterfly bushes can so quickly grow huge but I like them. Unfortunately this past winter 2 of our nicest ones got broken down by wind and rain so now they don't look their best.

    1. It was such a surprise we couldn't quite believe it. Our butterfly bush got damaged too and looked such a mess we have cut it right down to a little stump. It may grow back but we have planted the new one right next to it.


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