Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Taking Steps To A Normal Life

 So all the restrictions are being lifted on the 19th July. I'm not quite sure what I feel about it, one thing for sure I'm glad I'm not making the decisions. Everyone, depending on what your life is has a different view. If your sitting at home watching your business slowly fall apart you want everything to get back to normal. I have an old school friend who is a musician, he has had a lifetime of making money singing and playing at pubs and small venues. Never a fortune, but a lovely relaxed life of paying his own way his entire life. He has not had a penny of his own earnings since the beginning of the last lockdown so of course he wants everything to get back to normal. At the other end of the balance a friend of youngest daughter is recovering from cancer surgery and looks after two elderly parents and would like restrictions to stay high. Of course she is worried and who can blame her. There are always going to be completely different view points on this one. One thing I do think is if we don't relax them now but hold on a few more months we will be relaxing them going into winter which doesn't seem very sensible, so do we hold on until next spring? That will be what some people will be saying this in the autumn I'm sure and it is not a nice thought at all for so many people who are just hanging on to their jobs. As I said I'm very glad I'm not making the decisions.

One thing I made a decision about yesterday and then worried non stop was my plans for little Todd the pigeon. I took him out into the aviary for a practice fly around. He is not very good at flying at all yet, he managed to make it to a low branch and then sat there wobbling. I left him for the afternoon and he just walked up and down the perch a bit. In the evening I was going to bring him back in but after much thought decided if I am going to let him free in the park in the next few weeks he needs to get used to being outside at night. I checked him just before it was dark and he looked perfectly happy but I barely slept all night worrying as I lay there listening to the rain battering down. It was ridiculous really as there is a roof on the aviary and if he was out in the wild he would just be getting wet but I still worried. This morning he is fine and was happily sitting in one of the food bowls eating away. All the other birds are ignoring him and just getting on with their morning as usual. I said to Tom, who had been at work so not part of the decision making "I decided to take a chance, I know something may go wrong, but he can't stay in a cage his whole life." I suddenly realised it was very like our own situation at the moment. I hope both of the choices that have been made go well! 

I'm off to meet my sister to go and see my Dad today. It's raining heavily here but hopefully it will dry up a bit later on. I've started an experiment of not putting the TV on in the morning but listening to music when I get up so am slightly unsure what the weather is going to do but never mind I'll just put an umbrella in my bag, hope for the best and sing songs about sunshine. Here's one to get me started! Have a lovely day everyone what ever the weather. xx

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