Friday, 9 July 2021

Lidl's Centre Aisle And That Perfect Garage

 We had a really fun day with Scarlett yesterday. We went to Lidl to get some food to take to the caravan this weekend and she loved it. Isn't it strange she went around the shop in amazement and at one point I heard her say "Look at that isn't it wonderful!" It did make me smile, simple new experiences are such fun for little ones and I think there was something about the mix of food and that enticing centre aisle of goodies in Lidl which she just loved. It's not just Scarlett though, Tom would spend ages browsing that tempting centre aisle and he keeps saying "This is such a bargain!" I always say "It's only a bargain if we need it!" Tool boxes, drills, packs of nuts and screws he could spend an hour going through them all. I remember my Mum used to laugh when she got back from Lidl with my Dad, without fail he had bought some "bargain" he didn't need. He always had some sort of gadget to give to me or the children, we still have an enormous telescope under our bed that is still in the box. I would love to use it but we are surrounded by trees and are far too close to other houses to set up a telescope in our bedroom window! Only the other day my sister and I had to get something out of the shed in his garden and we were climbing over discarded electrical items, you can't get into the back of his garage for electrical extension leads. If Tom didn't have me keeping an eye on him our shed would be the same and I suppose it's just as well we don't have a garage. "If we move house we must have a garage." Tom always says. I'm sure it would soon be full of as much rubbish as our loft. When we are out walking the dogs sometimes we see garages with their doors open and with screws and tools in perfect order on the walls. "That's how I would have a garage" Tom says as we pass. Somehow I'm not too sure. It would be the case of me saying "Shut the garage door! I don't want all the neighbours seeing what a mess it is!" This is Tom's idea of a perfect garage. I doubt it would be the reality! Does anyone have a garage like this!

We're off to the caravan this morning for a few days but will be back in plenty of time to watch the match on Sunday. We can't risk not getting a reception on the TV for that one! Have a lovely day and weekend everyone. Back soon. xx


  1. Our garage certainly isn't neat and tidy and there's no chance of using it for the car so that has to stay parked on the drive. Only an Aldi near us but much the same as Lidl I suppose. We have our groceries delivered so don't have much call to go in Aldi, good job really as we'd no doubt be buying bargains we don't need so not bargains! Enjoy your time at the caravan and the football final on Sunday. Come on England you can do it!

  2. I would love a neat and tidy garage - we have a double garage full of stuff. Camping things, DIY stuff, toys, bikes, you name it and our garage has it in it. Husband is not the tidiest so to be honest it's a mess out there. Eldest Daughter will have to clear her rental house soon now she has finished university so all that will have to go in the garage although I'm not sure where!
    We do our weekly shop in Aldi and I have to keep Hubby well away from the centre aisles.

  3. I have no doubt our garage will be as close as possible to the photo except no mats on the floor because of snow and rain on the car tires. My Hubby is a neat freak. He knows where every tool is in the drawers and on the wall. At least in our old house he did. He's still working on the garage in our new home and right now it is a repository of empty boxes waiting to be recycled. We have to get all of the boxes emptied so it means only one trip to the recycle center.
    I would love to visit Lidl's. Maybe that could be a goal on our trip to London later this month! :-)

  4. We have no garage but my husband has a shop. It is nowhere as neat as the picture but he keeps everything in order. He is pretty neat with everything. Once a man came out to look at something we had for sale on Craigslist. I was telling him the item was in good shape. He said, listen, you don't have to tell me that. Anybody that keeps a shop as neat at this probably takes good care of everything. :)


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