Sunday, 4 July 2021

No Need To Shout

 The weather wasn't as bad yesterday as predicted. There were a few really heavy downpours but by the evening it dried up and was quite mild too. I had booked a Too Good To Go bag to collect at 9pm as they are really good when Tom is on late shifts. There are always sandwiches or salad bowls that he can take with him as the canteen is shut in the evening. I decided if I went down at half time and picked it up on the dot of nine I would only miss five minutes of the second half. I felt so sorry for Tom missing it all at work and he is such a football fan too.  As the first half was going so well, I thought I would pop down to the Co op before I went down to the petrol station to buy a couple of bottles of beer for him when he got in. I was sure England were going to win and I thought at least he can enjoy the highlights a bit later on. 

Pop down! That was hopeful! The whole world and their wife had decided to dash out at half time. I queued up with all the young men buying their beer who were all incredibly happy and chatting to me. When I left the shop to quickly walk down the road I realised it was 9 o'clock already. It was as if everyone was suddenly spirited away. From the street being packed, every person disappeared. I was completely alone, it was very strange. All of a sudden I heard the loudest roar that spread across the houses and knew England had scored. I picked up the bag at the petrol station which was totally empty, except for one poor young Deliveroo driver waiting for his order. There was not a single car at the petrol pumps as I crossed the forecourt and as I did there was another loud roar. It seemed to spread right across all the houses all the way to Sutton and I could here singing in the distance "Football's coming home!" 

When I got home youngest son and daughter said "You've missed two goals." "I know!" I replied. At least they scored one more for me to enjoy. When Tom got in he enjoyed the highlights with his beer but was a bit fed up as he is on late a late shift  again for the semi final on Wednesday. They'll have to get through to the final now so he can watch on Sunday. One of the things about it all, I am most pleased about, is that mild mannered manager Gareth Southgate is having such success. It proves that you don't need to yell and shout to get results. Everyone would talk about the "Hairdryer treatment" Alex Ferguson would deal out yelling and shouting at the players at Manchester United. I always used to think that was nothing to be proud of. We must all be able to remember those few teachers at school that who got fantastic results and the class behaved perfectly yet they never even raised their voices. Well I think Gareth Southgate would be that sort of  teacher and because of that I am especially pleased the team have done so well. 

It is raining quite heavily this morning but there is a really peaceful feel around. I can hear Del in the aviary but there is also a lovely wild bird singing, I wonder what it is. There is a morning after the night before feeling!

Tom is working another late shift and I intend to stay in and catch up with work. I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday what ever you are doing. xx

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