Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A Long Day At Notting Hill Carnival


  Tom and my eldest son had a very long day driving at Notting Hill Carnival yesterday. Tom didn't get in until after 11pm and had left before 6 am. Driving a big heavy bus with no power steering at 5 miles and hour all day had been very tiring and they are both really aching today. The day went well though and the people who hired the bus were lovely and made the day very enjoyable for them.

    On the news today people are calling for it to be scrapped as it has got so big and I know my eldest daughter and her boyfriend dread policing it every year but it does seem a shame when you see how much fun the majority of people have.

    I went to my Mum and Dad's house today and popped down to the shops to pick up a prescription. It was going to be a while so instead of just standing staring a chemist shelves I said I would come back in ten minutes. I went for a little walk in the lanes behind the shops I hadn't been down for quite a while. Some of the cottages there are beautiful and I have some more ideas for our front path and doorway. I would just love a front door and gateway like this.

    Thank you very much to people who came up with ideas for dealing with our tree problem. My Dad has let the council know and they are coming to see the damage. Apparently damaging or cutting down a tree with a protection order on can lead of a fine up to £80.000.  I was really shocked at that! 

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  1. That was a long drive, looked worth it though, glad you found some inspiration on your walk, xx