Thursday, 1 September 2016

Making A Profit On Ebay

   Tom was off work today and we went to the Charity Saleroom to try and build up our stock for selling on ebay. We have thought of lots of ideas in the weeks to come to increase our profits. As we got out of the car a man who was getting out of the car next to us said to his friend "Right we have to find everything that will make a profit on ebay." I laughed to Tom "Not if we get there first!" I found a few little bits including a really kitsch 1950s ships wheel letter rack from Eastbourne. I really love it it's the kind of thing I remember in my Grandma's house. I also bought some 1960s paperback books. The finds I was most pleased with though was a large collection of vintage linens.
   Most of the items at the saleroom are from house clearances from old people who have either died or gone into an old people home. There were boxes everywhere that had not been unpacked yet. I asked a lovely young girl who was working there if I could have a search through one box of linens. I know I'm very emotional but I could have just cried looking through the box. All the linens were so carefully packed and folded. They were nearly all hand embroidered and in perfect condition most probably from the 1950s and 60s. 1950s headscarves were folded in with a few floral old ladies dresses. It looked like someones life in a box.  It's not just about making money on ebay, I really hope these carefully preserved items are sold to someone who will love them and the old lady's possessions are used again.


  1. Little house on the Prairie , that brings back some memories for me x

  2. A kKen Dodd Diddyman mug, I've still got mine from when I was a kid.....not that I'm a hoarder