Saturday, 17 September 2016

Buying From Hard Nosed Dealers

   Today we went to a regular car boot sale at Wimbledon Dog Track. I love this car boot sale as it is full of dealers who do house clearances. But Tom hates it as he says the dealers are too rough and rude! Every stall has a large van full of boxes that are just plonked on the ground to rummage through and you have to battle with other dealers to get the best items. My hands are filthy after half an hour here and I must admit the first thing I do when I get back to the car is use antiseptic hand gel!
    Most of the dealers are great you can have a bit of banter with them as you try and knock down their prices even though they are pretty rough and ready. Now I am no shrinking violet, I have worked in a busy casualty department and as a psychiatric nurse so I am not upset by bad language and can stand up for myself fine in difficult situations but there are few dealers who are just rude and aggressive. As I look through the boxes I can see so many fantastic retro 60s and 70s items that are just smashed to bits as these morons just chuck them into the boxes and have no idea that cleaned up they would be worth quite a bit of money. As everyone is roughly looking through more and more items are getting broken of some poor old person's prized possessions.
    In one box I found a framed photo of an adorable little girl. The frame was already chipped and I thought of her parents dressing her in her Sunday best to have her photo taken and here she was in a box surrounded by filthy items and bad language. That's it you are coming home with me I thought. She was £1 and worth every penny.

   Talking of bad language I was looking at one stall where the dealer was telling the dealer on the next stall about one woman who had dared to offer him too low a price for something he was selling. "I told her F--- Off. I said. Infact you can F--- right off out of here." The dealer on the next stall nodded in agreement. "You're too polite mate" he said " I would have said something much worse" Oh dear.
   By the end of the morning I had some great items to sell and even though it was freezing cold I still think you can't beat a London car boot sale. I may put the little girl up for sale or I may just keep her on our wall at home where I know she will be appreciated.


  1. Oh what a beautiful photograph.
    I am so glad that she is safe at home with you Jane-x-

  2. I think the language is totally unnecessary and does not create more sales. I'm no shrinking violet, either, but if I heard someone talk to someone that way, I would make it known that he/she is inconsiderate and not worthy of the time of day and loud enough that others would hear and yet, without the same vocabulary. I think it is sad that so many items are destroyed as a result of poor handling. Because of ignorance, the damaged pieces will be thrown out when they could have been saved and appreciated by someone. In the end, everyone loses. Ranee (MN) USA

  3. Yikes on the language! I think it causes lost sales, from me anyway because I choose to not do business with jerks, morons, ejits...whatever you want to call them. Ugly People. When their wallets are thin, they might figure it out. Then again, maybe not. As to the broken items...they have no respect for themselves so can't really expect them to have respect for anyone or anything else.