Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Walk In Carshalton

   I took Bud out tonight after tea to Grove Park. This year has been such a strange year I realised I haven't walked down to this park at all. Everything looked very different and it was such a pleasure to revisit an area so near that I haven't visited for a while. It was a lovely evening and the park was full of people enjoying the evening. Bud is very scared of Canadian Geese so we had a few detours around trees and hedges to avoid them but other than that things went well.
   After the walk around the park I walked back past the ponds. They looked lovely and lots of young people were out playing Pokemon. All enjoying their summer holidays.

    We cut through the churchyard towards home. Last time I walked through the graveyard the old wall was covered with thick ivy but sometime recently the wall has been cleared. After all the ivy has gone several babies and very young children's graves have been revealed. Totally hidden for years. I know my emotions are very close to the surface at the moment but I could feel my eyes filling with tears just looking at them. I'm so glad they are visible to be remembered. What an emotional walk!


  1. What a lovely place to walk.
    Although we live in the middle of the countryside we don't have many safe places to walk. The winding country lane is very dangerous with heavy traffic and nobody taking notice of the forty miles per hour signs. The other place is the old army barracks (our house is one of the old army houses) which scares me witless with all the old buildings standing empty so we tend to have to get in the car to go somewhere to have a walk-x-

  2. A lovely walk, I get very emotional in graveyards x