Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Day Out At Chartwell

   It was our 34th wedding anniversary today so we decided we would have a day out at Chartwell, Winston Churchill's house. We took two of our dogs as they have been on their own so much lately we didn't want to leave them again. We couldn't go into the house because of this, but we have been there several times before so didn't mind. Chartwell is one of the most dog friendly National Trust properties near us as dogs can go everywhere but the house and the kitchen garden. Our youngest daughter came and we took a packed lunch and sat by the lake to eat it. After that we set off for a walk right round the estate.

 Bud Waiting By The Lake to Set Off.

Looking Towards Chartwell Which Is Covered In Scaffolding As It Is Having Work Done.

There Are Some Lovely Views Across The Downs.

We walked right round the estate and back to the lake again.

In Chartwell's Garden Looking Towards Winston Churchill's Studio.

A Lovely Walk With Flowers To Attract Bees And Butterflies.

A Painted Lady Butterfly.

Picking Apples In The Orchard.

The View From The Terrace Of The House.

The Waterfalls.

    One of the conditions of Winston Churchill leaving Chartwell to the National Trust was that a ginger cat must always be in residence just like his ginger cat Jock. The present Jock who is Jock VI was a rescue cat from Croydon Animal Samaritans. He certainly landed on his paws as apparently he spends his days taking afternoon naps on the Persian rugs and eating tuna, We looked out for him but didn't see him. It must have been his nap time! After a really enjoyable day we decided on cake and coffee in the restaurant before we left and Cassie our Yorkie quite clearly agreed.


  1. Happy Anniversary Jane and hubby-x-

  2. Happy Anniversary x
    A lovely day x