Sunday, 21 August 2016

A Good Day For Trying Out Windchimes

   It has been quite wet and windy this weekend and it seemed like the perfect time to try out our new windchimes. We bought them at the Smallholders Fair in July but with one thing and another hadn't got round to putting them up. I am very pleased with them and they have a lovely mystic sort of sound.

   I showed this video to our younger son and he said "So that's what that sound is! I spent all last night peering out into the dark of the garden wondering what that eerie noise was."

   Talking of youngest son, he and our elder son have travelled to Bristol today to buy something for a new business venture they are embarking on. They phoned me on the way home both telling me all the news on loudspeaker. I could barely make it all out they were laughing so much about funny tales that had happened. It had all gone so well, I was really lifted by their enthusiasm. I think there are some fun days ahead for them!

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  1. I love windchimes and have three now in my garden one bought from the Isles of Scilly years ago and two recent buys from the B&M summer clearance.
    Mine are all metal but I like the sound of your wooden ones-x-