Friday, 12 August 2016

Eco Travelling And Some Pretty Cottages

   My Mum is out of hospital again but they still need me to go and visit most days. Unfortunately there is no direct train route from our station to theirs and I usually have to change twice. It means that there is always a lot of waiting around but to be honest I don't really mind. It gives me time to read the paper and gather my thoughts which there never seems to be time at home for! I can also indulge in a bit of people watching which I love doing. I build up little scenarios in my mind of where they are going and why. I'm sure nine times out of ten I'm wrong but I always do it, I can't help myself. Today I watched this Mum with her lovely little daughter waiting for the train. The little girl was happily ringing her bicycle bell as they waited. What a fantastic eco friendly Mum she must be. Instilling all the right values on her daughter I'm sure. Just seeing them made me smile for the rest of my journey.

    I also just had to share these photos of pretty cottages I took on the way. I love little cottages and always have to stop and admire them. I like to think how the area around them must have changed over the years. I bet their early residents wouldn't recognise how it all looked.


  1. Good news about your mum Jane, sometimes it is nice to just sit and watch the world go by x

  2. So glad to hear your Mum is home Jane.
    I love travelling by train but don't do it nearly enough.
    The cottages look beautiful-x-