Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sunday Car Boot Sale

   We set off early to a car boot sale in Epsom today. I love that moment when you arrive at a big car boot sale, it's that feeling of anticipation not knowing what you may find! I always start off with such enthusiasm. I just love people and nearly always have a little chat on the way round, you can meet the most interesting people if you just take the trouble to pass the time of day.

     I have to be honest I was starting to flag by the end, it was beginning to rain which is never good and searching through One Direction duvet covers and books was taking it's toll. I am quite pleased with my buys though and only spent £12 so should be able to make a bit of profit on that. 

    Our eldest daughter came round for dinner today as her boyfriend is policing at the Notting Hill Carnival today and tomorrow.  She is not there this year as she has had a knee injury she has not fully recovered from. Tom and our eldest son are driving an old London bus in the Carnival Parade tomorrow so look out for them on the telly! I hope everyone in the UK has a great Bank Holiday tomorrow and the sun shines on you wherever you are.


  1. I think I might see if I can find a Sunday morning boot sale near to us as the one we used to go to is too far away and means we'd have to get up way too early. I'm getting too old to be up at 5am on a

  2. Nice lot of booty, I have one of those butter dishes, do you sell as a business or are you a private seller, (hope you don't mind me asking),x

    1. I don't mind you asking at all.I am a business seller and I find the hardest part is trying to find new stock of things that I think will probably sell. Jane xx