Thursday, 4 August 2016

Keeping Positive No Matter What

  Well my Mum is back in hospital. Only one week at home and and an ambulance had to be called as she was so unwell. The stress and upset of the last few days has been so bad I almost can't remember it. It is as if my brain is blocking it out. The young casualty doctor warned us how very sick she was.
   What do you think Mum asked my elder daughter as we sat in a state of shock in the relatives room in the casualty department. I think they don't know Grandma I replied. Sure enough this morning my Mum was sitting up in bed telling us stories about all the things the nurses and doctors on her new ward had been saying and we were having our usual laugh as our family do in every situation.
   I am not ready to let negative thoughts into my mind any time soon. They go to the same place as sad thoughts behind that wall in my brain where I put things that I am determined not to dwell on. I know it wouldn't work for everyone but it has always worked for me. I always try to pick out the positive of the day and think about that and today it feels that there are quite a few. Despite all that has happened to her, I watched my Mum smiling so kindly at the young new doctors trying to take blood from her today and I thought life really is just what you make of it.


  1. What a wonderful attitude to have Jane.
    Sending healing thoughts for your Mum and hugs for you all-x-

  2. I have a bin in my mind and things get shoved in there until I am ready to get them out and deal with them. Some things have been there for years.

  3. Stay positive, get well soon mum x